The best disposable razors in our opinion

Taking the parameters listed above as a basis, I selected 10 disposable machines that are the most popular among users:

Bic 3 Sensitive – affordable.
Bic 3 Action.
Gillette Blue Simple Sensitive.
Gillette Blue 2 Maximum.
Gillette Blue 3 Simple is the people’s choice.
Dorco Pace 6 and Dorco Pace 4 are the choice of discerning customers.
Dorco TG708N.
Regular Men Bow 2.
Wilkinson Sword Extra 3 Sensitive.
Wilkinson Sword Extra 2 Sensitive – optimal.

Available – Bic 3 Sensitive

This is the ideal choice for those looking for a machine that is affordable in every sense. The products of the French company have long won their place in the sun: Bic razors provide an excellent shave, you can always find them in a shop around the corner, the price per piece ranges from 40 to 50 rubles.

The Bic 3 Sensitive model is a machine with three stainless steel blades that remain sharp for a long time thanks to a chrome-polymer coating. The razor head is fixed – perfect for beginners and those who value precision lines. For easy glide, there is a moisturizing strip with vitamin E and aloe vera.

The ergonomic handle and open shaving unit make the machine comfortable to use. And the choice is the widest of all: you can find packs of 2, 4, 6, 8 and 24 pieces. Despite the fact that there are often fakes on the market, the reputation of Bic razors is still high.

People’s choice – Gillette Blue 3 Simple

Another classic and proven option. The razor with three blades does not slip in your hands thanks to the rubber coating of the handle; the comfort gel moisturizing strip allows you to use the machine without foam or shaving gel. Although some users complain that the strip may come off due to prolonged contact with water.

Caring for the razor is quite simple: this is facilitated by the large distance between the blades and the open shaving unit. The price for one machine is approximately 55 ₽.

An alternative is Gillette Blue Simple Sensitive. In general, everything is the same as in the previous model, with one important difference – the floating head. More suitable for those who love and know how to fully control the shaving process.

Optimal – Wilkinson Sword Extra 2 Sensitive

Wilkinson Sword razors can be called the best in terms of price and quality ratio, even though they only have two blades. But the head is equipped with a Push & Clean cleaning system – it makes it easier to rinse the razor, and the blades retain their sharpness for a long time. Lubricating strip with aloe vera and vitamin E hydrates skin to prevent irritation and breakouts.

The rubberized handle of the machine is comfortable, non-slip and pleasant to the touch. Here, too, you can choose a package with the number of razors that suits you, and the price does not exceed a comfortable threshold of 60 rubles.

An alternative is Dorco TG708N. It may seem that this model is inferior to the Wilkinson Sword in everything: the handle is made of plastic, albeit with notches; closed shaving unit and small distance between blades; Even the moisturizing strip contains only aloe extract from caring components. But Dorco machines have two serious advantages. The first is blades made of medical steel – these will last longer than stainless steel blades and will irritate the skin less. Secondly, the floating head: in the hands of an experienced user, it will make shaving more comfortable and clean.

For discerning buyers – Dorco Pace 4 and Dorco Pace 6

The Dorco Pace 4 is one of the best disposable razors on the market, and at first glance it is difficult to distinguish it from a razor with removable cartridges. This model is designed specifically for sensitive skin. An open shaving unit with four blades made of medical steel with chrome-platinum coating, a rubberized handle and a floating head are responsible for comfort and safety.

The lubricating strip contains argan oil, aloe extract and vitamin E. The rubber micro comb helps lift beards for a closer shave. In general, an excellent option if you are willing to pay 220 ₽ for a disposable machine.

Dorco Pace 6 already has six blades curved using special technology. All the strengths of the Dorco Pace 4 are present here too. Add to them a more affordable price of 125 ₽ and the opportunity to buy four machines in one package.

How to choose a suitable disposable machine

  1. More blades – faster results – fewer injuries. But you will have to pay extra for this.
  2. The quality of the blades matters. Factory sharpening is approximately the same for all disposable razors; the material and coating decide. Thanks to the durable coating, the blades will remain sharp longer, and the condition of the skin after the procedure depends on the type of steel.
  3. If the razor does not have a cleaning system, look for models with an open block type or with widely spaced blades. This makes it easier to maintain the machine and shaving will take less time.
  4. Flexible blades and a movable head will help you more accurately handle the curves of your face if you already have experience. The first razor does not need such features; they are fraught with cuts.
  5. A smooth machine slips in your hand – try to avoid these. The best option is rubber inserts, but a simple relief on a plastic handle often does the trick.
  6. Choose a razor and care products based on your skin and hair type.