The best electric fireplaces: 7 successful models

Budget floor-standing – InterFlame Jazz. The optimal hearth is Electrolux Classic EFP/P-1020LS .

An electric fireplace is a stylish interior element and often a small heater. It operates from a regular outlet, is safe for children and animals, and does not require maintenance or consumables like conventional fireplaces.

I’ll tell you how to choose an electric fireplace by type and price and what to look for when comparing similar models.

Selection criteria for electric fireplaces

Consider the choice of fireplaces in this article as a guideline, and not as a specific recommendation: there are many similar models on the market that differ mainly in design. Their functionality is limited, and the realism of the flame and the sound of crackling wood is a subjective factor. Before purchasing, you should look at the chosen model in person and evaluate whether it suits you based on its external characteristics.

Fireplace type. Electric fireplaces come in several types; I talked about them in detail in another article. Desktop is the simplest and most inexpensive; many models run on USB. Floor-standing is a classic version of the fireplace, which is placed on the floor or in a corner. Wall mounted hangs on the wall like a TV. Some models of floor and wall fireplaces can be built into the wall – or you can buy a fireplace that is only built in.

A fireplace is an electric fireplace that is built into a portal, like a photograph in a frame, and the portal can be matched to the design of the room and changed over time – or made independently.

Functions. Many electric fireplaces not only create coziness with the help of artificial wood and flames, but can also serve as heaters. True, the power is small – 1-2 kW. As a rule, they have a no-heat mode, in which they consume 50-100 watts per hour. Some models are equipped with a humidifier or air purifier, but these functions are also rather decorative and cannot replace a full-fledged single-tasking device.

Control. Inexpensive fireplaces have buttons or knobs on the frame, but most models have a remote control so you don’t have to get up from the couch to adjust the flame brightness or heating power.

InterFlame Jazz

Classic floor-standing fireplace with a built-in two-kilowatt heater and two power modes. It has a thermostat to maintain the set temperature. You don’t have to turn on the heater at all.

The variety of fireplace functions is small – adjustable flame brightness and the ability to turn on the sound of crackling firewood. The flame is projected using lamps. You can control the fireplace using buttons on the body or from the remote control. The height of the fireplace is 52.1 cm, width – 44.5 cm, depth – 27.1 cm, and is comparable in size to a bedside table.

Alternative. Planta PFP-FS500  is a floor-standing fireplace with a more modern design, suitable for different styles of decorating an apartment or house. There are five modes of LED flame brightness and sound level, as well as two heating modes – 1 and 2 kW.

Electrolux Classic EFP/P-1020LS

A fireplace with a beautiful grate and coals instead of firewood. The choice of artificial fuel does not affect the quality of the fireplace, but the set includes gloves for laying out coal. Children will especially enjoy this opportunity.

The device can be used as a stand-alone fireplace or built into a portal by choosing a suitable design. The dimensions of the hearth are 55 × 39 × 10 cm.

The flame in the fireplace is LED – using proprietary Real Fire Perfect LED technology. There is an adjustment for the brightness of the flame and the sound of crackling wood. The fireplace has a built-in 2 kW heater with two operating modes and a control panel included.

Alternative. RealFlame Fobos Lux 1.5 is not so powerful in heating mode – 750 W or 1.5 kW, but it does have a built-in timer. Like other electric fireplaces, it can operate without heating, consuming 80 W per hour. Flame technology is projection.

Element Flame Mountain View 3D

This original wall-mounted or hanging fireplace is sold in gray or brown. The frame is made of polystone – an artificial stone that imitates real rock. There is a bracket for wall mounting and a mounting kit.

Flame technology – 3D projection. There is an adjustment of the brightness of the flame, illumination of smoldering logs and the sound of crackling firewood. The fireplace does not have a front glass, this enhances the effect of real combustion, but does not burn your hands. The fireplace has a built-in 1.55 kW heater with smooth power adjustment; it can be left off.

The fireplace is 67 cm wide, 52.5 cm high, and 16.5 cm deep. It is approximately the size of a 24-inch TV.