The best electric waffle irons in our opinion

10 electric waffle irons in different price categories met our product requirements:

Centek CT-1449 – budget.
“Wonderful EV-3CH ” is a budget alternative.
Olto WA-1017 is the second budget alternative.
Brayer BR2300.
Kitfort KT-1646 is optimal.
GFgril GFW-015 Waffle Plus is an optimal alternative.
Clatronic WA 3745.
Redmond RMB-M613/1 – universal.
Polaris PST 0805 is an alternative to the universal one.
Rommelsbacher WA 1250.

Centek CT-1449

Compact model for baking Viennese waffles in a minimalist stainless steel housing. You can make five heart-shaped waffles at a time. The handles are heat-insulated, so you won’t need a potholder when working.

Thanks to the high power – 1000 W – waffles are cooked quickly, but you will have to know when they are ready by their appearance: the indicator will only work when turned on. The frying panels are non-removable and have a non-stick coating. For convenient storage, the kitchen has a cord compartment.

Users praise the Centek CT-1449 for its high power and fast heating up to 220 °C. But not everyone likes the handles: you have to hold them so that the dough bakes evenly.

Alternative. “Chudesnitsa EV-3CH ” is an inexpensive waffle iron with rectangular panels. Like the previous model, they cannot be removed. Designed to bake two Belgian waffles at a time. The case is made of metal, the closing method is a latch, there are also thermally insulated handles.

The power of the device is 1000 W. Additional functions include an operation indicator, adjustment and automatic maintenance of the set heating temperature. The reviews write that for its price the model copes with the task adequately. But there are complaints about the quality of the panels: some of the non-stick coating quickly deteriorated.

Alternative 2. The Olto WA-1017 waffle iron in a plastic case has slightly less power than previous models – 700 W. This is enough to bake two Viennese waffles at the same time. In addition to power and on indicator lights, the model is equipped with overheating protection and an audible signal that notifies you when the waffles are ready. Closes with a latch.

Kitfort KT-1646

Kitfort KT-1646 in a heat-resistant plastic case has the highest power in the selection – 1200 W. Heats up quickly and cooks up to two fluffy Belgian waffles at a time. Thanks to the latch, the dough will not rise under the lid and will bake evenly.

Frying panels with a non-stick coating have an additional recess at the edges to prevent excess dough from leaking out. To prevent the device from slipping during cooking, metal legs are installed on the bottom of the body.

There are all the necessary functions: a power indicator, heating on and off, a thermostat to maintain a constant surface temperature and overheating protection. The case provides space for storing the cord.

Reviews say that the device bakes classic Viennese waffles perfectly; some people experiment and cook vegetable dishes in it. The model is also praised for its build quality and convenient temperature control – a rare option for waffle irons in this price category. There are practically no negative reviews.

Alternative. The GFgril GFW-015 Waffle Plus waffle iron bakes up to two large waffles at the same time. Power – 1000 W, there are five temperature controls.

You can not only cook Belgian and Viennese waffles in it, but also experiment with dough, such as potato or vegetable. There are light indicators for switching on and readiness for operation, a thermostat and overheating protection. There is no latch between the top and bottom.

Redmond RMB-M613/1

Multi-baker waffle iron in a combined housing with a power of 700 W. Prepares up to two waffles at a time.

The original panels can be removed and washed; the kit includes a pair of the same replacement ones. If desired, the functionality of the device can be easily expanded: there are attachments for waffles, muffins, pretzels, pies, cookies and tartlets on sale – all suitable for this model. In total, there are more than 40 different panels priced from 1320 ₽. To ensure that the panels are pressed tightly, the waffle iron has a two-level lock.

Sold complete with a recipe book and a tray for collecting fat – in case you decide to fry a steak from fish or meat. There is a latch, an operation indicator and overheat protection.

In addition to a large selection of replacement panels, users praise the Redmond RMB-M613/1 for its convenient and reliable design. But not everyone is satisfied with the power: the panels can take a long time to warm up.

Alternative. Another multifunctional device is Polaris PST 0805. The manufacturer offers five interchangeable panels: for sandwiches, grill, Viennese waffles, nuts and thin waffles. The power is slightly higher than the previous model – 850 W, but there is no protection against overheating.