The best heart rate monitors in our opinion

We have studied the market for watches and heart rate monitors and selected options that are worth paying attention to. The top 10 watches with a built-in heart rate monitor look like this:

  1. Garmin Forerunner 55 42mm GPS Smartwatch.
  2. Polar Pacer Pro Aurora Green watch.
  3. Polar Unite smartwatch.
  4. Amazfit GTS 4 mini smartwatch.
  5. Smartwatch Huawei Watch Fit New.
  6. The Polar Vantage M2 smartwatch
  7. Xiaomi Poco Watch is a budget smartwatch.
  8. Smart bracelet Xiaomi Smart Band 7 without NFC CN.
  9. Apple Watch, starting from version 5.
  10. Smart watch BandRate Smart BRSC20PROBORB with heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, pedometer.

Top 10 chest heart rate monitors that can be bought in Russia:

  1. Garmin HRM-Pro Plus heart rate transmitter.
  2. Magene H64 chest heart rate monitor.
  3. The Polar H10 heart rate transmitter
  4. Heart rate monitor IGPSPORT HR40.
  5. Polar T34 Wireless HR Transmitter.
  6. Chest heart rate sensor W227Q.
  7. Chest heart rate monitor CooSpo H808S
  8. Garmin HRM-Dual heart rate transmitter.
  9. Heart rate monitor IGPSPORT HR40.
  10. ThinkRider chest heart rate monitor.

From these lists, we have selected the best in terms of price, quality and functionality.THE BEST OPTION FOR A WATCH WITH A BUILT-IN HEART RATE SENSOR

Polar Vantage M2

This watch measures your heart rate continuously, making it suitable for those who want to constantly receive information about their heart rate. The watch has built-in GPS, as well as the Russian GLONASS system. They easily connect to smartphones and can transmit data to health apps. In addition, the watch can track workouts and has several running programs that are based on heart rate zones. To reduce errors, they are equipped with light diodes. The watch works for five days without recharging in standby mode.

Additional features to look out for include water resistance, sleep monitoring, and calorie monitoring.

Xiaomi Poco Watch

This watch is also capable of constantly monitoring your heart rate, and also has almost 100 fitness programs, which are also based on data on heart rate zones. There are GPS and GLONASS, they can collect training data and store statistics. To reduce errors in pulse measurements, they are equipped with light diodes. The watch works 14 days without recharging in standby mode.

Additional features worth paying attention to include moisture protection, sleep monitoring, and alarm clock.

The heart rate transmitter clearly records your heart rate and helps you monitor your heart rate zones during training, transmitting data to all Polar devices with Bluetooth, as well as to Apple Watch. The heart rate monitor strap is soft, made of polyamide and polyurethane, equipped with silicone dots and an improved buckle.

The heart rate monitor is completely waterproof and transmits heart rate data in water at a frequency of 5 kHz, that is, suitable for swimming. The software is constantly updated and there is built-in memory for storing heart rate data.

This chest-mounted heart rate monitor connects to smart watches, smartphones and fitness equipment, and is equipped with a vibration system that takes your heart rate into account and alerts you when your workout is over. Waterproof so you can swim in it. It is miniature, which is even more convenient during training. The polyurethane belt does not slip and presses the sensors tightly to the body.

Where can I buy:

How to choose a heart rate monitor

  1. Decide for what purpose you are going to monitor your heart rate. If you need it for training, choose a chest heart rate monitor that connects to your watch. It will take some time to get used to , but the result will be as accurate as possible. If you don’t like chest sensors and also  want to constantly monitor your heart rate, give preference to the wrist option.
  2. It is important that your watch, regardless of the type of heart rate monitor you use, is equipped with GPS. This is needed to track your workouts, plot a route if you run outside, and record the distance covered.
  3. The watch display should not be overloaded. The main indicators that are important to reflect on it are heart rate, training time, actual time, distance traveled.
  4. The longer the heart rate monitor works without recharging, the better. For the watch, the estimated minimum is seven days of continuous heart rate monitoring.
  5. Among the additional functions, fixing and blocking pulse zones are useful; the rest, unless you have an additional request, can be ignored. They only increase the cost of devices.