The best inexpensive irons in our opinion

I studied about 50 products on Yandex Market , Technoteka, Ozone, DNS, Hi-Tech Patriot and excluded irons with which buyers were dissatisfied in the reviews. I selected a list of thirteen models with ratings from 4.5 to 5 stars that correspond to our parameters:

Redmond RI-C271.
Morphy Richards 305000 is smart.
Panasonic NI-WT960RTW.
Philips DST5030.
Rowenta DW 5135D1.
Tefal Turbo Pro Anti-Calc FV5696E1.
Philips DST6008/20 – comfortable and sleek.
Bosch TDA 503011 P Sensixx’x DA50 EditionRosso.
Morphy Richards 303131.
Panasonic NI-WT960R .
Tefal FV5735.
Tefal Ultragliss Anti-Calc Plus FV6842E0 is the best choice.

The best choice is Tefal Ultragliss Anti-Calc Plus FV6842E0

This is a model that has all the main options of a modern iron. It is powerful – 2800 W, so heating the sole takes less than a minute. Steam is supplied with an intensity of 50 g per minute, the steam boost power is 260 g. The holes on the soleplate are of different sizes: the main steam supply comes through the large holes, and the small ones create an air cushion between the iron and the fabric, so it can cope with even the most complex folds.

The Tefal Ultragliss Anti-Calc Plus FV6842E0 iron has a vertical steam function. You can refresh the item without even removing it from the hanger.

The device is safe and will automatically turn off if it is left in the working, that is, horizontal, position for 30 seconds. Or in eight minutes – if in a vertical position.

The model features a Durilium Airglide sole. It has a metal base covered with enamel and quartz coating. This iron glides easily over the surface, does not burn, is scratch-resistant and will iron even very thick fabric. In addition, such a sole is not capable of harming even delicate fabrics.

Tefal Ultragliss Anti-Calc Plus FV6842E0 also features double anti-scale protection. This is more efficient than other models. The iron has a removable anti-calc rod Anti-Calc , which closes the channel into the steam chamber – it accumulates calcium and salt deposits. To get rid of plaque, you need to dip the rod in lemon juice, then rinse it with water and install it back.

There is also additional protection against scale, which accumulates in a special collector. It is removable, can be opened, washed with water and reinserted into the device. This useful feature allows you to extend the life of the model and improves the quality of ironing, since scale reduces the steam power and leaves stains on clothes. Buyers like the iron: they believe that it is functional and irons well even dry clothes.

Some buyers note that the model has an inconveniently located steam button and it gets in the way when ironing clothes. There are also isolated comments about the two-meter cord: it seems a little short to consumers.

Comfortable and sleek – Philips DST6008/20

The Philips DST6008/20 has everything thought out to make it convenient and quick to use. It is transparent, and when ironing, you can see at any time how much water is in the tank and whether it needs to be added. This model also has a combined sole shape – a sharp toe and a wide base. Buyers like this , because due to this the device perfectly irons not only wide surfaces, but also small parts of clothing, such as the collar of a blouse.

The bottom of the iron is flat, it is convenient to place it vertically, the handle is rough to the touch, and when ironing, your hand does not slip on it, but fits like a glove. The model has a very spacious water tank – 550 ml. You can iron several sets of bed linen without adding water to the container. On average, this figure for irons is 300 ml.

The status indicator lights up in bright orange when the heat is on, blinks when it turns off, and goes out when the desired temperature is reached.

Some buyers did not like that the iron has a small sole area. Because of this, they had to press hard to iron the clothes.

Smart – Morphy Richards 305000

There is no need to manually set heating modes on the iron: the model has an intelligent IntelliTemp function that automatically recognizes the type of fabric and selects the desired temperature for ironing. The device has a built-in steam pump, which constantly produces 50 g of steam per minute, and due to this it penetrates deeper into the fabric than when ironing with a conventional iron.

The soleplate of the iron has 485 holes through which steam penetrates deeply into the fabric and effectively smoothes it, and the steam cushion creates an easy glide of the soleplate and irons much faster than a regular iron.–kybf17giukjyq5j