The best irons do not cost more than 8,000 ₽

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A good iron will iron any fabric efficiently and save your time.

It will heat up quickly, will not spoil your laundry, will automatically turn off and will refresh your clothes even on a hanger. We have collected irons that cost no more than 8,000 rubles, and whose characteristics are not inferior to more expensive devices.

Selection parameters

I read the characteristics of modern irons within 8000 ₽. I chose the best options based on the following parameters.

Power. The higher the power of the iron, the more efficiently it works. Its soleplate heats up quickly, and the device easily irons even dense, hard, wrinkled fabrics and strong folds. The best option for a home iron is 2400–2800 W. With these characteristics, it heats up in less than a minute.

For comparison: with a low-power iron you will have to run it over a crumpled linen towel several times, but with a powerful one it will be enough to do this once – and the fabric will be properly ironed.

Vertical steaming. This is a convenient feature in which the iron produces steam even in a vertical position. You can freshen up a blouse without removing it from the hanger, or remove a small crease in your curtains after washing. It is enough to place the evaporator over a crumpled area of ​​​​fabric and move it from top to bottom several times.

Descaling system. Limescale deposits form in the appliance when water is boiled. And to a greater extent due to the hard tap liquid. This reduces the iron’s performance: it reduces steam power and ironing quality, and also leaves stains on clothes. Therefore, many modern models have a descaling system. This may be a removable collector for collecting plaque, which must be removed and washed regularly.

There is also a Self Clean self-cleaning system. To activate it, you need to fill the reservoir with water, heat the iron to maximum, press the button, and the liquid with the remaining alkaline deposits will come out of the holes of the device.

Some iron manufacturers use removable anti-calc rods Anti-Calc to protect against scale . About twice a month, the rod must be removed from the device, immersed in water with citric acid, washed and installed back.

Some models have built-in cartridges or cassettes with special granules that soften tap water, preventing scale formation. They are designed for the entire service life of the device and do not need to be specially changed.

All the systems that we have listed are equally effective at removing plaque, so when choosing an iron you need to pay attention to personal preferences. For example, you don’t want to regularly remove the rod and keep it in a special solution or flush the manifold. Then it is better to buy a model with a built-in cassette or cartridge for water softening and a self-cleaning system for removing plaque.

Drip-stop function . This is an option that prevents drops of water from flowing out of the holes in the base when the device cools down. This will prevent the liquid from getting on your clothes and leaving a stain on them. The fact that the iron has such a function can be understood by the icon with crossed out drops of water on the model itself or on the box.

Sole. Ceramic and metal-ceramic soles heat up evenly, glide easily over clothing, do not burn when ironing, for example, synthetics or silk, and can be easily cleaned. They cope well with ironing at high temperatures and are resistant to damage.

Teflon and titanium coatings also provide excellent protection against burning. Teflon works well on synthetics and wool, but can be scratched on clothing parts, such as metal buttons.

Manufacturers of mid-price models most often use metal-ceramics for the sole. This is the best option. It will not lose in quality and will not increase the cost of the product.

Water container. The larger the tank, the longer you can iron your clothes without adding water to it. The minimum optimal option is 270–350 ml , but on some models this figure can be  500–550 ml .

Steam boost. This is the amount of steam that the iron produces per minute. The higher the indicator, the more effectively the device will cope with complex folds. On average, an iron irons perfectly if steam is supplied at an intensity of 40 g per minute, and the power of the steam boost is not lower than 150 g per minute.

Constant steaming. When ironing, steam is supplied constantly, and you do not need, as with old irons, to press the button every time to start this mode.

Weight. The optimal weight of the iron is 1300–1800 g . If it is larger, it will be harder to hold it in your hand, and if it is smaller, you will have to put pressure on it to iron out the folds well.