The best mini-fridges in my opinion

The final list included 13 mini-refrigerators that met the main criteria:

Nordfrost NR 404 W is optimal.
Nordfrost NR 403 is an alternative to the optimal one.
Comfee RCT124WH1R.
Gorenje RB 491 PW.
Bosfor RF 085.
Renova RID-80W.
DEXP S2-0160AMA.
“Biryusa 70” – budget.
Kraft KR-75W is the first budget alternative.
Ginzzu FK-911 is the second budget alternative.
Weissgauff WR 50 is the best compact.
BBK RF-049.
Tesler RC-55.

Nordfrost NR 404 W

The Nordfrost NR 404 W refrigerator has a large volume of 143 liters with a height of 107 cm. Width – 50 cm, depth – 53 cm. The freezer is very spacious for a mini model  – 11 liters. Another advantage is that it maintains temperatures down to −6 °C. This is the maximum that mini-refrigerators in this price category are capable of.

The refrigerator compartment is equipped with LED lighting and height-adjustable glass shelves – there are three in total. There are four shelves on the door, the top one has a compartment for eggs, which is not found in every mini-fridge. There is one drawer for vegetables, made of transparent plastic.

Another advantage is the long warranty period from the manufacturer, it is two years. The refrigerator is equipped with reversible doors, the noise level declared by the manufacturer is only 38 dB, and buyers confirm that finding the model in a residential area does not cause discomfort.

The advantages also include the presence of an antibacterial coating, which prevents the growth of bacteria on the surface. The only negative is that there is no choice of colors, the model is only white.

Alternative. The Nordfrost NR 403 W refrigerator is the younger brother of the optimal model. It differs in that it is more compact and, accordingly, less voluminous. The height of the refrigerator is 86 cm, width – 50 cm, depth – 53 cm. The volume of the chambers is 104 liters, of which 11 liters are reserved for the freezer. Inside there are two glass shelves, and on the door there are three compartments with a partition.

It combines the same advantages as the previous model: low noise level, up to −6 ° C in the freezer, LED lighting , antibacterial coating and a two-year warranty period. But there is another important plus – a large selection of colors. The model is available in white, black, beige, silver, red and orange.

Most buyers praise the refrigerator for its consistently low freezer temperatures and quiet operation, but there are also those who find it noisy.

Turquoise 70

The volume of the Biryusa 70 refrigerator is 67 liters, two of which are reserved for the freezer. The freezer can maintain temperatures down to −6 °C and is suitable for storing ice or ice cream. Its height is 63 cm, width is 44 cm, and depth is 51 cm. There are two colors – white and metallic.

The model has a one-year warranty. The refrigerator is equipped with reversible doors and metal shelves inside, the location of which can be changed. The door has two shelves with a partition. This model does not have lighting and there is no drawer for vegetables and fruits.

According to information from the manufacturer, the noise level is 42 dB. At the same time, in reviews, buyers note almost no noise from the operation of the refrigerator, even at night. They also praise the price-quality ratio, freezer performance and capacity.

Alternative 1. Kraft KR-75W is a compact refrigerator with a capacity of 68 liters , a height of 64 cm, a width of 44 cm and a depth of 51 cm. Color – only white.

The freezer is larger than the previous model, with  the same dimensions – 4 liters. But it can only maintain temperatures up to −2 °C , and the temperature control is common for the refrigerator and freezer compartments, as in all mini-models . Therefore, it is important to choose the correct switch position.

Inside are two metal shelves, the location of which can be changed, and three compartments with a partition on the door. There is no lighting in the refrigerator compartment, there is no drawer for vegetables and fruits, just like the previous model.

The manufacturer claims a noise level of 41 dB. There are isolated complaints about noise, but most buyers find the refrigerator to be quiet and find it suitable not only for a garage, but also for a student dorm.

Alternative 2. Ginzzu FK-911 is larger than previous models and has the largest freezer of the budget options – it holds 10 liters. The volume of the refrigerator compartment is 85 l. Device height – 84 cm, width – 47 cm, depth – 44 cm.

Inside are three shelves made of tempered glass, a drawer for vegetables and fruits, two shelves with partitions on the refrigerator door.

In addition to internal space, the refrigerator boasts LED lighting , a two-year warranty and quiet operation.

I couldn’t call it the best budget option for one reason: buyers of this model are more likely than others to encounter difficulties when adjusting the temperature. It is important to understand that in all mini-models the adjustment is common for the refrigerator and freezer compartments; each mini-refrigerator is susceptible to such problems to one degree or another. But in the reviews about this refrigerator there are more complaints about the temperature. Buyers often write that when the relay is set to a low temperature for a stable minus in the freezer, food on the top shelf of the refrigerator compartment begins to freeze.

You can purchase the refrigerator in two colors – white and metallic. Warranty – two years.

Weissgauff WR 50

For cases when you need a very small refrigerator, this model is suitable. Height – 50 cm, width – 44.5 cm, and depth – 46.8 cm. Thus, the refrigerator is square and weighs only 13 kg. The color is only white.

Its volume is 46 liters, two of which are reserved for the freezer. Inside there is a shelf made of tempered glass, and the door has two compartments with partitions. Backlighting is not provided. The instructions do not indicate the temperature range of the freezer; buyers note that it is small, from −1 to −3 °C.

The noise level, according to the manufacturer, is 42 dB. Reviews praise the refrigerator for its quiet operation and good capacity for its size. The warranty period is one year.

How to choose a mini-fridge depending on your needs

  1. Choosing the right mini-fridge requires clearer priorities than when purchasing a large model. Therefore, first, decide what is more important: low noise level or high power, whether you need an ultra-compact model or a medium size is suitable, whether it is important how the refrigerator looks from the outside.
  2. Find out the required volume of the refrigerator and freezer compartments. If a mini-model is needed for home use in a dorm or rented room, it is better to immediately exclude models with a tiny 2-4 liter freezer.
  3. Decide on a budget. If it is minimal and price is more important than other parameters, you should add just one important priority to it – for example, the maximum capacity of the freezer or your ideal model size. If you have at least 18-20 thousand rubles, you need to understand what additional functions you need. In a poorly lit garage, for example, the presence of lighting is important; for an office it is advisable to choose a suitable design.
  4. Study reviews from customers who purchased a refrigerator for  the same purposes. You can use the “ask a question” option to find out if this model is suitable for a dormitory, garage or garden house in the country.