The best mini-refrigerators: 6 models under 20,000 ₽

Optimal – Nordfrost NR 404 W. Budget – “Biryusa 70”.

The majority of the refrigerator market consists of two-chamber models with a height of one and a half meters and above. At the same time, there are a number of situations when a refrigerator is needed, but not so large. For example, if there is not enough space for a standard model or there are too few products to store, there is simply no point in overpaying.

For a small office, studio, garage, rented room or student dormitory, a mini-fridge is often chosen. Sometimes a small model is also bought for the kitchen – for example, if a person lives alone, does not cook his own food and hardly eats at home.

I researched refrigerators for students, garage owners, studio owners, and small office workers who are looking for a compact, budget-friendly model. The selection includes stationary mini-refrigerators designed specifically for food. Such refrigerators are also purchased by hotel owners to equip guest rooms.

Models less than 50 cm in height, which are often used for storing cosmetics and medicines, portable refrigerators for cars are not included in the selection.

Criteria for selecting mini-refrigerators

Dimensions and internal volume of the refrigerator. There are no clear criteria for determining the dimensions of a mini-refrigerator . There is a wide variety of sizes on the market, including relatively small models: you can even find them with a height of 26 cm.

Nevertheless, I was looking for refrigerators for storing food, so I looked at models from 50 cm in height – the more compact ones won’t fit anything except sandwiches. I took 120 cm as the top bar so that the model would be suitable for the most cramped conditions. Separately, I reviewed and compared several cubic compact refrigerators about 50 cm in all dimensions and chose the best one.

One of the weakest points of  mini-refrigerators  is the freezer capacity. Therefore, models with a larger freezer compartment of comparable size and price received more points.

Price. When it comes to buying a refrigerator for a student, garage or office, price usually matters a lot. I looked at models costing up to 20,000 rubles.

Defrost type. Most large refrigerators have an automatic No Frost defrosting system. Due to the design features , it is usually not installed on  mini-refrigerators . For  mini-refrigerators, there is only one option for dealing with ice – a manual system. Therefore, the selection includes refrigerators only with a manual defrosting system.

Freezer capabilities. Most people are looking for a mini-fridge for an office, a rented room, or a garage. In all these cases, a small freezer comes in handy for storing dumplings and nuggets, ice cream, making ice and quickly cooling drinks in the summer. Therefore, I included in the selection only refrigerators with a freezer compartment. In mini models it is located inside the main compartment.

The temperature regime of the freezer when choosing a mini-refrigerator is extremely important, since not all manufacturers guarantee a deep minus in it. Optimal models will be able to provide temperatures down to −6 °C , budget models – only up to −2 °C.

To choose the best refrigerators, I carefully studied reviews and weeded out models that received complaints because of melted ice cream and dumplings. Models with a freezer temperature down to −6 °C and good reviews of its operation received additional points.

Noise level at the refrigerator. Although the noise level is not so important in an office and garage , quiet operation is very important for buyers of a refrigerator for their room and studio, so that they can work, do homework, and sleep next to it. I considered units with any noise level, but I studied customer opinions and gave extra points to models with a noise level of no higher than 40 dB and good reviews of quiet operation. I eliminated refrigerators with a large number of noise complaints, regardless of the decibel level declared by the manufacturer.

Model color. Most buyers prefer white or silver refrigerators, which is reflected in the offer. But everyone is pleased when there is a choice, and in reviews, customers often praise this or that model for its stylish design and beautiful unusual color. That’s why I gave extra points to models with a large selection of colors.

Guarantee. As a rule, the warranty period for refrigerators is one year, which is stipulated by law. For a longer warranty period, I gave the models extra points.