The best models of compact dishwashers in my opinion

I studied car models presented on the largest marketplaces and websites of retailers of digital and household appliances: on Yandex Market, Ozone, Kholodilnik-ru, M-Video, Eldorado . The dishwasher brand was not the determining factor in my choice, but I still preferred not to review products from completely unknown brands that have recently appeared on the market.

The models on my longlist are:

De’Longhi DDW 07T Fridere is the best.
” Biryusa DWC-506/7 M” – budget.
Hyundai DT403 is a budget alternative.
Midea MCFD5520W.
De’Longhi DDW07T Crisolita.
Weissgauff TDW 4108 Led – optimal.
Hyundai DT505 is an alternative to the optimal one.
Pioneer DWM05 is the best for a summer residence.
Estares 900W.
Weissgauff TDW 4057 Mini Turbo Dry.

Turquoise DWC-506/7 M

Biryusa has an average capacity – it can wash six sets of dishes at a time. But it is not high and will not look too bulky on the countertop. Buyers also place it under the sink. Height – 44 cm, width – 55 cm, depth – 50 cm.

Biryusa is a domestic brand, but dishwashers are not assembled at their own factory. This dishwasher model was made in China, at the plant of the large manufacturer Midea. Buyers often write in reviews that it is not inferior to the most famous brands in terms of dishwashing quality, and separately note that it works quite quietly.

The dishwasher has seven programs: intensive, normal, eco, glass, 90 minutes, quick for 30 minutes, and a program for children’s dishes. The shortest program is designed for rinsing almost clean dishes, such as bread plates , fruit dishes and the like.

There is only one spray arm, it is located at the bottom, so the quality of washing depends on how you place the dishes in the basket; it is important to do this according to the instructions. Conventional condensation drying. It is recommended to remove the dishes no earlier than 10 minutes after the end of the cycle to allow them to cool. The maximum temperature at which dishes are washed and rinsed in the intensive program, as well as rinsed in the normal and eco programs, is 70 °C.

There is no special tablet recognition mode, but you can use them – the manufacturer recommends that in this case you turn on the longest washing programs.

This machine has an optimal price-quality ratio: judging by the reviews , it washes dishes well. Another plus is the long two-year warranty.

Alternative. Hyundai DT403 has an impressive capacity by the standards of compact dishwashers – eight sets. This is quite enough for a family of two or three people. But the machine is noticeably larger than the previous model: height – 59 cm, width and depth – 55 cm.

Inside are two baskets for dishes and a basket for cutlery. According to reviews, the space is ergonomically organized, the baskets move easily, and it’s convenient to arrange dishes. As buyers write in reviews , this machine includes a cauldron, a five-liter saucepan, large cutting boards, baking sheets and other large utensils.

Among the reviews about the results of washing dishes, there are many positive ones: it washes plates and pots even with dried food residues, while not using a lot of electricity. Two spray arms are responsible for the quality of washing. This model has six washing programs: normal, quick for 35 minutes, intensive, glass, economical, 90 minutes.

Like many other freestanding models, this dishwasher can, if desired, be built into a cabinet according to the diagram in the instructions. Then it will not be noticeable at all in the kitchen and the noise from operation will be almost inaudible, although it is already acceptable and meets my criteria – up to 49 dB. When the cycle is complete, the machine beeps.

The only thing this model lacks is complete protection against leaks: in the basic configuration, only the body is protected, but a hose with the Aqua Stop system can be connected according to the instructions. There is also no child protection system or display.

Among the more serious disadvantages: in the reviews there are mentions of breakdowns, so before purchasing it is worth checking where the nearest service is located in your region and what time frame the repairs are carried out. Manufacturer’s warranty is two years.

Weissgauff TDW 4108 Led

The main advantage of this dishwasher is its large capacity for eight sets with moderate dimensions. Height – 59 cm, width – 55 cm, depth – 50 cm. Other advantages: two sprinklers, two baskets for dishes and two baskets for cutlery.

The dishwasher has six programs: universal, intensive, eco, glass, 90 minutes and quick for 35 minutes. The manufacturer ‘s instructions recommend using the short program also for self-cleaning the dishwasher. There is a display with an indication for a lack of rinse aid, salt, and a closed water tap. There is a child lock and a sound indication of the end of the cycle.

The machine washes dishes very well – this is evidenced by customer reviews on Yandex Market , which I studied.

Among the disadvantages, buyers cite imperfect drying of dishes, as well as the inability to track the time until the washing cycle is completed.