The best multi-pressure cookers in our opinion

I included 10 products in the longlist that combine the best characteristics according to the main criteria. Of these, I chose the most suitable ones in several categories:

Cuckoo CMC-CHSS1004F is the best.
Redmond RMC-M140.
Polaris PPC 1305AD.
Midea MPC-6002 – budget.
Moulinex CE430832.
Tefal CY621D32.
Moulinex CE620D32.
Midea MPC-6004.
Moulinex CE5A0F32.
Redmond RMC-P350 is optimal.

Optimal – Redmond RMC-M140

It has 33 automatic programs, 24 of which work in pressure cooker mode – this is more than many other devices in the mid-price category. There is also a “multi-cook” manual settings program where you can change the temperature and cooking time. In the “baking”, “pasta”, “yogurt/dough” and “frying/deep frying” programs, you can change the temperature even during operation. In pressure cooker mode, the pressure is adjusted.

The device is convenient to operate: the touch menu is located on the lid. There is a four-level protection system: pressure control valve, temperature sensor, temperature fuse and lid lock sensor. If the temperature or pressure is higher than normal, the cooking process will pause and resume only when they stabilize. If this does not happen, the device will automatically turn off.

If you press the “cancel/keep warm” button in pressure cooker mode, the appliance lid will remain locked. The entire control panel will also be locked, except for the “pressure release” button, which can be used to manually release the pressure. After this, the device will be unlocked. There is an automatic pressure release.

You can postpone cooking a dish for up to 24 hours – this is also longer than a number of other multi-cookers/pressure cookers at a similar price.

The bowl volume is 5 liters, and the power of 1100 W is optimal for the operation of the device. It is better to take care of it: there is a replacement for the bowl, but at the time of writing, its sales were discontinued.

The multi-pressure cooker is easy to care for. The interior of the bowl is made of Teflon and can be washed either by hand or in the dishwasher. The lid, steam release valve and lid opening lock are removable and are recommended to be washed by hand after each use of the device.

Users like the rich set of accessories: a container for steaming, a stand, a flat spoon, another silicone spoon and ladle, a measuring cup and a book with 200 recipes. But there are complaints that the smell of one cooked dish is transferred to the next.

Budget – Midea MPC-6002

This model has 15 automatic programs, five of which work in pressure cooker mode – the pressure can be adjusted. For a budget option, this is an average amount, but users complain about unclear instructions: many things have to be understood intuitively.

In the “multi-cook” mode, the temperature and time can be adjusted manually, which sets the device apart from similar priced models: in most, only the time can be adjusted. The maximum start delay time is 24 hours.

A power of 1000 W is enough for a bowl volume of 5 liters. If the container is damaged, it can be replaced. Bowls compatible with this model cost from RUB 1,607. Cannot be washed in the dishwasher. The lid is removable, but it can also only be washed by hand.

Control type: electronic. When the pressure cooker is turned on, only the lid is locked; to unlock it, you need to release the pressure. It automatically returns to normal 10-15 minutes after the end of cooking.

To speed up the process, you can press the “steam release” button on the lid handle and hold it until the float valve drops. But quick pressure release is not suitable for soup, cereals and other dishes with a lot of liquid or starch, because the liquid may escape along with the steam. They can also get burned.

Includes recipe book, steam container, yogurt cups, ladle, measuring spoon, measuring cup and metal stand.

Warranty – one year. The country of origin is China, users note the absence of foreign odors.

Alternative. Moulinex CE430832 has a large number of programs – 33 are automatic, 10 of which work in pressure cooker mode. This is a lot for a budget model, but in the reviews there are also many complaints about the “porridge” mode. You can save the last four cooking modes in the device’s memory.

Warranty – two years. Another multicooker-pressure cooker is slightly more powerful than Midea MPC-6002 . With the same bowl volume – 5 liters – it has a power of 1090 W.

It is difficult to find a bowl on sale, and it costs about a third of the cost of the device itself – 3100 ₽. Another drawback: steam is released only manually by pressing a button. You cannot regulate the pressure – only time and temperature. The package is also smaller: it includes a spatula, a steam basket, a measuring cup and a recipe book.