The best spring mattresses in our opinion

In the final list I included 10 mattresses that combine the best characteristics according to the main criteria. Of these, I chose the most suitable ones for several nominations:

Sleep Middle.
“Dimax Optima Multipack”.
Albareto Multi is the best among budget ones.
Armos Balance Middle.
Ericksen TFK M-30-E.
Promo 7 S1200 is the best choice.
Megapolis Air is the best among models with an extended warranty.
Reflex Optimal Comfort Pro 1000T – the most comfortable.
Anatomical mattress Grether & Wells Heaven Prestige.

The best among budget ones – Albareto Multi

A simple mattress that meets all the stated criteria: size 180 × 200 cm , independent spring block, medium hardness, bed load 120 kg, absence of natural latex and coconut in the composition.

Unlike most of its counterparts in its price segment, it is equipped with a large number of springs – 1040 pieces per bed. The main filler is polyurethane foam, laid in two layers of two centimeters, under and above the springs. There is also a felt and spunbond pad to insulate the springs. The mattress is double-sided – if you want, you can turn it over and sleep on the other side, which is softer. There is ventilation – this is necessary so that moisture does not accumulate inside.

The standard product warranty is two years. The seller offers an additional 10 years, provided that you used the mattress in a protective cover, did not repair it yourself, and kept the purchase documents and the sewn-in tag. The warranty only covers manufacturing defects. If they appear after a few years, the seller will replace or repair the mattress. But the main advantage is the price below 25 thousand rubles.

Alternative. Mattress “Dimax Optima Multipackage” 180 × 200 cm with a slightly smaller number of springs – 1000 per bed. The advantage is an even lower price. The composition also contains polyurethane foam, the weight per bed is slightly less – 110 kg. Height – 18 cm.

The best choice is Promo 7 S1200

Mattress Promo 7 S1200 from the Russian brand Beautyson. It is based on an independent block, 1024 springs per bed. Contains polyurethane foam, holofiber and spunbond. Since the filler is laid in several layers, you will not feel the springs, and you will sleep comfortably. When placing an order via chat on the manufacturer’s website, there is a 5% discount. The standard warranty is one and a half years.

Alternative. Lineaflex Peonia mattress. There are slightly fewer springs – 700 per bed. But it has more layers of filler: 2 cm of artificial latex on top and bottom, 2 cm of sisal and spunbond isolate. The maximum weight per bed is 140 kg.

Alternative 2. If you are not allergic to coconut coir, you can consider another option from Beautyson – the Promo Lux 5 S1200 mattress. This model has different sides in terms of rigidity, so you can change the level of comfort if desired. There are 1024 springs per bed.

The most comfortable – Reflex Optimal Comfort Pro 1000T

If you are not limited by financial limits, take a closer look at the Optimal Comfort Pro 1000T mattress from the manufacturer Reflex from Germany. In Russia, their mattresses can be ordered on marketplaces or in online mattress and furniture stores, for example, in Anatomy of Sleep or Much Sleep.

A model that meets all the criteria is the Reflex Optimal Comfort Pro 1000T mattress on an independent block with nine zones. Thanks to the large number of springs – 2048 per bed – the mattress will adapt well to the contours of the body and will last a long time. Another significant plus is several insulating layers of filler, including only hypoallergenic materials. Within five years you can return the product under warranty.

The best among models with an extended warranty – Megapolis Air

Megapolis Air mattress from Ormatek with a block of 1020 springs per bed. Like the previous one, it has nine spinal support zones. Above the springs there are several layers of artificial latex and felt filling.

When purchased with a protective case and used in  it  – on average, the case costs from 2,500 ₽ – the seller provides an additional guarantee of 25 years. Among the advantages, buyers note elasticity and good thermoregulation, thanks to which it is not hot to sleep on the mattress.

Decide how much money you are willing to spend on a mattress. Keep in mind the formula “more springs = higher price,” but do not forget that a product with more springs will last longer.

An independent spring block is an option for those who want the mattress to last a long time. Such mattresses have from 250 to 2500 springs per bed. Each spring is in a separate fabric cover, so if one breaks, the rest will not follow it.

The more springs, the smaller they are and the more precisely they adapt to the sleeper’s body: the springs support all areas of the body so that the heavy ones do not fall through and the light ones do not take off. Typically, mattresses with more springs are more expensive.

Some sellers indicate in the description the number of springs not per bed, but per square meter. To figure it out, remember: the sleeping area is 2 m². That is, the conditional 500 springs per square meter and 1000 springs per bed are the same  thing .