The best summer running shoes: 7 options for easy runs and serious workouts

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The best basic running shoe is the Brooks Ghost 14.

Running shoes are distinguished from others by good cushioning, a flexible toe, a rigid heel and relatively low weight. This article has collected the best running shoes for leisurely daily runs, speed training and long-distance running.

What running shoes we were looking for in the summer:

  • road summer running models for running on asphalt or stadium surfaces;
  • with ventilated upper and shock absorption;
  • the weight of one sneaker is within 300 g, the drop is from 8 to 12 mm and neutral pronation.

Selection criteria

When choosing, I was guided by reviews and reviews of popular models from well-known sports brands – such sneakers are usually distinguished by their quality and technology. As a result, I chose 40 of the most successful options. I further narrowed the list according to the following criteria.

Purpose. I only considered “road” summer running models for running on asphalt or stadium surfaces. For off-road use a different, more tenacious tread is needed. I also paid attention to the models having a light, ventilated top: in the summer this is important so that your feet don’t get too hot.

Depreciation. Running shoes should protect the athlete’s knees and spine from excessive impact loads, as well as spring, giving additional speed to running. This is achieved by a layer of shock-absorbing material between the sole and the insole. Each manufacturer has its own technologies: some have a softer midsole that absorbs shock well and is designed for comfort, while others have a more elastic and responsive midsole that provides greater acceleration. Also, shock absorption is affected by the configuration of the sole – the thickness of the shock-absorbing layer and its distribution along the foot.

Weight. Modern high-quality running sneakers usually weigh no more than 350 g for one medium-sized sneaker. I took this weight as the maximum and tried to select models within 300 g.

Running technique. Most recreational runners are heel-toe runners, meaning they land on their heel rather than their toes when running. For this technique, the sneakers have a height difference from heel to toe, a drop, for a smooth roll. My selection included sneakers with a drop from 8 to 12 mm, which helps to change the technique from the heel to the correct one.

Pronation. The selection includes models with neutral pronation, that is, without special support for people with flat feet or club feet. Such models are suitable for most runners, and individual anatomical features can be corrected if necessary with an orthopedic insole. Also, running shoes should be half a size larger than you usually wear.

The rubber outsole isn’t all-over: it covers the toes with a bumper, covers the forefoot in a segmented manner, and has a U-shape at the heel. This protects key impact areas from abrasion while providing traction and reducing the weight of the shoe. The weight of a male half-pair is 280 g, a female half-pair is 255 g. This weight is considered suitable for training models.

The main advantages that buyers note are the quality of workmanship, the soft and elastic midsole and the snug fit of the sneaker to the foot. The downside is that the sole tread slips on wet surfaces.

The heel cup of the model is rigid, the heel does not move, and the lacing securely fixes the middle part of the foot. The toe box is wide and there is plenty of room for your toes. The upper mesh is dense and has lamination on the sides. It feels like it won’t tear after a season, but  at +25 °C it was hot in the sneakers. In the midsole, Light Foam is moderately soft and elastic. The weight of the men’s half pair is 259 g , they are light enough to even run a marathon in them.

On Aliexpress, the model is sold in 14 colors, the size range is 5-12 according to US standards, these are Russian sizes 35-46 . Before purchasing, you need to measure your foot length and check the size chart on the website. For my Russian 39 (foot length – 25.5 cm) I ordered size 7.5 – and I have a margin of about 0.5 cm in the sock. Recently, such sneakers can also be bought at Sportmaster, in There are three colors on sale with sizes from 39 to 45.

The Chinese Red Hare 6 has better characteristics and reviews than budget models from famous Western brands. The sneakers are 100% suitable for daily jogging.