The best vacuum sealers: 6 options for the home kitchen

The optimal one is Redmond RVS-MO21.

Vacuum sealers have been used in home kitchens for over 40 years. With the help of such a device you can extend the life of vegetables, nuts, herbs – the shelf life will increase several times depending on the product.

Vacuum packaging allows you to more compactly store food in the freezer, quickly salt and marinate meat, fish, lard, and cook using sous vide technology.

In addition, using a vacuum sealer, you can “preserve” various items: winter clothes, equipment or medicines. For example, when going on a trip or hike, you can put documents or other things that are afraid of water in a vacuum bag. So you don’t have to worry about their dryness.

Why do you need vacuum packaging:

  • products are protected from spoilage by aerobic organisms – fungi and bacteria: in an airless environment they die or do not develop. Therefore, food stays fresh longer. For example, hard cheese can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 15 days, and in airless packaging – up to 60;
  • appearance, taste and aroma remain the same – products do not dry out, do not lose color and beneficial properties;
  • protection from moisture, oxidation and pests – not only microorganisms, but also other environmental factors can cause harm. Their influence can be limited by protecting shiny objects from oxygen, bright clothes from ultraviolet radiation, dried herbs from moisture, and cereals from pests by packing them in a vacuum bag;
  • it’s easier to organize storage – unlike containers and cans, a vacuum-sealed product does not take up much space, and the transparency of the packaging will help you quickly find what you need;
  • experiments are becoming more accessible – if you have not yet tried to cook a chicken breast sous vide , pickle mackerel or quickly marinate meat for a barbecue, then with a vacuum sealer it is easier and faster to do this;
  • Preventing freezer burn – when food interacts with frosty air, the taste, appearance and texture can deteriorate. Airtight packaging helps prevent this by preventing direct exposure to cold.

What vacuum sealers we were looking for:

  • household tubeless devices for home cooking;
  • power 80-250 V , with an operating speed of 6-12 l/min , with automatic and manual air pumping modes, different programs;
  • made of plastic, metal, different sizes – the choice ultimately depends on personal preferences and your kitchen;
  • ideally with a compartment for rolls, a built-in cutter and a removable compartment for liquids, as well as a tube or hose;
  • with the ability to make a double seam if you need to vacuum wet products;
  • costing 5,000-15,000 rubles.

What types of vacuum sealers are there?

Vacuumers can be classified in different ways:

  • by design – single-chamber, double-chamber, tubeless, thermoforming (industrial);
  • according to the installation principle – desktop, floor-standing, mobile, built-in;
  • according to the principle of operation – manual, semi-automatic, automatic;
  • by area of ​​application – industrial, food, household;
  • by type of packaging – bags, rolls, bottles, containers.

In this article I will only consider household appliances. They come with or without a vacuum chamber. In the first case, a bag of food is loaded inside the device, and all the air is pumped out of it. In the second, only the free edge of the package is placed inside.

How to work with tubeless packer:

  1. Set the vacuum program or mode.
  2. Fill the bag with the contents according to the instructions.
  3. Place the free edge of the bag on the sealing bar.
  4. Press the lid tightly.
  5. The program will start. The pump will pump out the air from the bag, and having reached a predetermined vacuum level, the device will solder the seam on the bag.

The main question when choosing a packaging machine is how often, in what volumes and for what products you plan to use it. If you have a large garden plot, household plot or farm, you should opt for vacuum degassers with a chamber. They are more expensive, but they have high performance and can be used for both domestic and commercial needs. Chamber packers can be of two types – portable and built-in.

Regardless of which tubeless vacuum cleaner you choose, any of them are more compact and lighter than a chamber unit. But they have less power and performance, and they also require special corrugated bags, which are usually more expensive than smooth ones. If you still try to use the latter, vacuuming will not work: the walls of the bag will stick together and the device will not be able to pump out the air.