The English Class

A group of 20 migrant Mexicans entered the classroom for “English for beginners” at the “Shakespeare School of English” in a city in Texas. When the students settled in their seats scattered throughout the room, a tall man who wore a coat and a tie entered. He went to the teacher’s desk to the front holding a stack of papers. He looked at the students and said: “Hello!” The students repeated, “Hello” with their best American accents. “Very good!” The teacher said. “My name is ‘Peter Baker’.” The class said: “My … name … is …” Suddenly stops and points to himself, “Peter Baker.” Then he called each student of the class to say: “My name is …” And everyone said his name.

Peter called a student dressed in a good industrial suit. “Okay … Lord … My name is …” Before the teacher ended the prayer, the man said with a British English accent: “What garbage! My name is Juan Carlos II of Mexico , state of Hidalgo. I. speak English very well. “

Peter looked at him with his mouth open with disbelief. “You speak English??”
“Are you a fool, man? Of course I speak English!”
“So why are you doing in this class for beginners and how are you talking so well?”

“My good man, when I began to learn English many years ago, I knew as little English as everyone here. I moved from Mexico to London, England with a scholarship to the” Colegio del Rey “. When I went to my first ‘beginner class’ , I made the unfortunate mistake of sitting in an intermediate class on the works of William Shakespeare. I barely understood English, but I quickly realized that it was a prodigy. I took more kinds of English literature and graduated from the University of Oxford. “—Success-Secret-2022-

Peter and the rest of the class looked at Juan Carlos with amazement.
“So why are you in this beginner kind?”
“I am here to request a teaching post in advanced English and decided to observe a class.”
“Are you a American citizen? Do you have a” green card “to work here in the United States?”
“No, but it is driving.”
Peter said: “But sir, you must have a ‘green card’ to work in this country.”
Juan Carlos proudly said: “I don’t need a ‘green card’ to work in this country.”
“Then, you leave me no choice but to inform the authorities.”
“You wouldn’t dare, sir!”
“Sit, like everyone else!” Peter said angry.
Juan Carlos seemed worried and looked around, understanding his situation. His only answer was:
“I don’t speak English”.