The Foamy Layers!

Approximately two months after the total national blockade in India, my stock of several things, including that of my favorite shaving gel, had been decreasing rapidly, and at some stage I had no choice but to apply the razor razor on my sparkling facial surface I needed to shave. That these products were called ‘non -essential’ gave me a comfort in terms of continuing my existence without any of these. In particular, the Law of Affected Diary for which I reason: “It is likely that on Earth I will contemplate my face without shaving with chaotic beard ropes if I do not shave daily, because when I leave, my face is completely masked and if any guest of The most ‘essential’ guy occurs again, we totally masked, Acosta he/she! “However, I felt that my wife would be unpleasantly offended if I continued to show my ugly face for days after the continuous phenomenon of” stay “; And, therefore, I started my search for any of the creams or razor gels, regardless of my preferences.

During that period, only ‘essential’ stores/supermarkets were open for hours limited to the day, and although they generally maintained all kinds of shaving products due to the ‘non -essential’ classification that the supply had stopped and were left without existent. I looked in online stores, but they also suffered the same cause and effect, just by attaching to the delivery of essential elements that were not operational for more than two months. Call my luck or misfortune, finally, I found a shaving gel that was almost ten times more expensive than my favorite gels. As in desperate moments, desperate measures are required, I ordered the same. I had some doubts from the beginning, because the company mainly manufactures products for women, and in my wife’s adequate cosmetics actions I found a lot of its products.

With my haste to have a shaving stable, I ignored the instructions written on one side of the round plastic bottle long. As usual, I left a small gel in my razor brush and moved on with the usual mechanisms. It was an absolute disaster, and I had to complete the work with the most thin foam lines possible in those parts of my face that needed to be shaved. Then I read the instructions or rather I had to do it.

The next morning, I tried the tutorial pressed a little creamy gel in my left palm and with the right I applied it directly to the places of my face that needed to be shaved. That day was not successful since the rich creamy foam penetrated my nostrils rather than covering the parts of my face that needed to be shaved, and the creamy layers enriched my palms so much that I had to spend a lot of time in the wash basin. I thought the product was not suitable for me and the large amount of money I spent was wasted. Once again, I found comfort in the fact that many of our colleagues were spending millions paying at least three of four times more than MRP in some addictive type products that were made available through a twisted supply chain deviated ; You can simply call it black marketing.

It was a normal practice for many of our lucky friends with a safe monthly income to watch a large amount of television and films that were available on transmission platforms thanks to the ‘connectivity’ considered an ‘essential’ for emerging phenomena of classes in classes in Line and online work. In one of the movies I saw, suddenly I saw the hero having a shave casual while I delivered the dialogues and wearing a similar gel that I bought by compulsion. I was surprised by the ease with which the gel applied and extended the rich creamy foam by the parts of his face that needed to be shaved. That excited me tremendously, and that also explained why the product was so expensive.

Then, from now on, I began to use that gel regularly, and I became slowly and constantly to its mechanisms, beginning to enjoy it too much, the rich creamy foam, which makes this not entity feel like the hero of a poor man. Unfortunately, my joy with easy wealth was abruptly interrupted when my favorite shaving gels, to the tenth of the price of that rich gel, were available in the market. As a turn in the story when I returned to my affordable gels, my poor razor brush, careless and abandoned for so long, a recast period to fulfill their strings developing a kind of bump. But fortunately, that problem was slowly solved and, as a result, the expensive gel became eternal.