The Significance of Ascendants and Other Houses

There is a lot of confusion in the meaning of any house. Here through this article, I will clarify what are the real meanings of any house of a horoscope.

The Ascendant (Lagna) or the first house: It means fundamentally
Body, in addition to fame, extremities, appearance, disposition, life, soul, character, wisdom, habits, birth, inclination, mood, activity, age, stature, health, happiness, complexion, beauty, high life, color, color, color , hair, weakness, politics, knowledge, splendor, place of birth and head.

The second house: fundamentally the face, family, wealth, domestic happiness, eyes, speech, thoughts, prosperity, memory, pleasure, loss or gain, food, ear, learning, learning , intelligence, cunning, savings, anger, pecuniary affairs, personal property (that is, for exclusive use for oneself), fortunes, relationships, fixed temperament, jewelry, inauguration, metals, observation, right eye, People under protection, language, nails, silver, gold, precious gems, passion, modesty, misery, misery, comfort and flavor, financial position, in -laws.

The third house: fundamentally courage, brothers, in addition to anger, ears, neck, meals, skills, patience, sisters, friends, neighbors, trips, cousins, ornaments, improvement, company, clothing, stability, war, difficulty getting food , power, instruction, help, medicine, right arm, voice, servants, subordinates, hearing power, ear diseases, gold and silver vessels, heroic facts, capacity, skill, courage, battle, meekness, skill and longevity of Life, speech, writing, correspondence, family.

The fourth house: fundamentally the mother, the land, the houses, the education, the relationships, the happiness, the transport in addition to the tanks, the residence, the inheritance, the water, the travel, the milk, the palace, the clothing, falsehood, true words, distant relatives, property, fields, benevolence, art, shops, strong, mandap, flower gardens, heart, friends, things deep down, nectar, mental qualities, the end From life and the end of things, reputation, popularity, love for work, aromas, perspiration, oil bath, ornaments.

The fifth house: fundamentally sons, daughters,
Intellect, creative intelligence, Poorva Punya, that is, the karma of a previous birth, success in speculation, lottery and play of chance, pleasures, companies, investments, mind, discrimination, reasoning, father, honor, religion, precepts, joy, Adoration of household houses, modesty, belly, stomach, charity, audition, food, cheerful, drink, firm disposition, inheritance, generosity of the father, genealogy, minister ship, advice, skill, care and caution, memory, secret, pride, pride , ethical behavior, cooking, bathing and physical pleasures, love affairs.

The sixth house: fundamentally enemies, distance, debts and imprisonment in addition to relationships, servants, lower, small pets, wounds, problems, obstacles and difficulty to obtain food, sad -mother, and fear of shame, good food, robbery, robbery, Superstition and weapons injuries, cousins. From the paternal side, calamities through women, intimidation, revenge, bad habits and diabetes, the recovery of the disease, benefit through the servants.

The seventh house: fundamentally marriage: description of the wife or husband, in addition to generosity, respect, lust, association, specification, demand, adultery, death, public enemies, sacred place, speculation, love affairs, desires, immorality, putting of sun, commerce, oblivion, trip, loss of livelihood or occupation, treatment with women, beta, opponents, public issues, obstacles to travel, lose the road, private parts, sexual behavior, marriage discord, music, dance, sponsorship of circles rulers, duration of the life of the wife, freedom, character, daily gain, litigation.—quick-tips-to-pass-exam-2022?t=1669017205086

The eighth house: fundamentally life (longevity), sin, pain, hell, rebirth in addition to legacies, personal property of the marriage couple, the nature of death, happiness in food, diseases, diseases venereal, problems, dowry, suddenly acquired wealth, lotteries, loss, loss, occultism, danger, chronic diseases, obstacles, house in opposition to agricultural land and hidden wealth, legacies and unexpected gains, gains through Insurance and strangers, sexual organs.