The Three Rules of Life for Living Happily and Successfully

Happily and Successfully

There are many problems and challenges that we face in lives. From the moment we were born to the day we leave this world, we have to go through physical, emotional, mental and spiritual changes that define us as human beings. Regardless of our family history, we can and we must find our purpose in life through our objectives, dreams and aspirations. These are the activities that give meaning to our lives and make it worth living life. This is destiny in creation.

However, despite our best efforts, circumstances can derail our plans and make us advance in a different direction than we have chosen. But we should not be diverted by obstacles along the way or should be discouraged by them. We need to generate strength in the four dimensions of our beings: physics, mind, emotion and spirit, to deal with setbacks and progressively move forward.

Our body needs to be healthy for physical action. Our mind needs to be learned for critical thinking. Our emotion must be calm due to lack of rationality. Our spirit must be free to fly as high as we want.

If we want to create our own destiny, we need to achieve an optimal balance in the four dimensional kingdoms.

For example, if we aspire to become a successful neurosurgeon, we need to study and feed our mind with correct knowledge and instill a spirit of determination in us to achieve what we point out. Of course, a healthy body and emotional maturity also support such destiny made to themselves.

However, life can still throw curved balls or unexpected challenges in the form of finance, health, relationships and people. We cannot always expect a soft trip in our search for success in our efforts. This is when we need to observe our personality and characteristic features to overcome the problems that confront us. Without knowing our true self and what we are capable, we can feel lost and insecure of what to do in such a situation.

The four Chinese pillars of destiny are a branch of astrology that decodes our date of birth and precisely reveals our innate strengths and hidden potential in the form of the year, month, day and time. There are also the pillars of luck that draw the roads towards our future that comes in 10 annual cycles. Together, they help us create or fulfill our own destiny.

If you are interested in knowing what you can do and what the future holds, this field of knowledge in Chinese astrology will free it from pursuing what you want in life. By learning the foundations and principles of this ancient art, you can discover your strengths in four -dimensional kingdoms and use them for your advantage to create or fulfill your own destiny.

In addition to Chinese astrology that is metaphysics, we must also be based on three simple rules to live a happy and successful life:-

  • Let go
  • Cut your losses
  • Be grateful

When we do things in which we are good, we are more likely to do them well. This goes with the flow of our force.

When we lose our heads to emotion, we need to recover our composure and not get things worse. This is reducing our losses.

When we feel inappropriate and envious with others, we must remind us that no one is perfect. Appreciate what you have or you can lose it. This is grateful.

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Life has its high and low. With these simple rules, we can greatly improve life.

I am an independent consultant in Chinese metaphysics. I offer readings of the native table of a person based on the four pillars of the destination (BA ZI) and the Feng Shui consultation.

I think that a person’s fate can be activated by taking the right action at the right time. When making informed decisions through an analysis of your home chart, a person can live a satisfactory life and be happy and successful.