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Bar Soap Package

Bar Soap Package has evolved to match unique, high-end soap products as artisan soaps have grown in popularity. With so many great Bar Soap Package ideas to choose from, business owners may find it difficult to sift through all of the options to find the best fit for their soaps. In this post, we’ll cut through the clutter by discussing what to consider when packaging soaps and the various ways to package soaps. No guide is complete without some inspiration, so here are five ideas that we adore.

Bar Soap Package

Bar Soap Package is a fairly simple process, but there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that your products arrive in perfect condition. Here are the top four factors to consider.

Make Use of High-Quality Bar Soap Package Materials

The quality of the packaging materials you use for your soaps is critical. This is especially true if you’re selling high-end, small-batch soaps. Because consumers have many options, using well-designed, high-quality packaging materials and labels will help your products stand out from the crowd.

Select Bar Soap Package Material that Benefits Your Brand

Every soap manufacturer has a distinct brand that customers easily recognize. The Bar Soap Package you choose should complement and highlight your brand. An all-natural or organic soap manufacturer, for example, will want to focus on eco-friendly Bar Soap Package ideas such as using recycled or biodegradable materials.

Keep Your Soap Safely Stored

Bar Soap Package not only enhances the appearance of your products; it can also protect them from damage during shipping or while on display in retail stores. This is especially important if you produce delicate or easily damaged soaps. A dented or cracked bar of soap is unlikely to sell. Fully enclosed soap boxes are far superior to wraps in terms of keeping soaps in pristine condition.

To ensure a perfect fit, follow our guide on how to measure the dimensions of a box.

Soap Shipping Pitfalls to Avoid

Soaps can damage during the shipping process, resulting in your products arriving in poor condition. If your company ships directly to customers, it’s critical that the soap boxes are strong enough to withstand transit and are wrap in plenty of padding. High temperatures are another source of concern. Soaps that sit in a hot shipping warehouse, mailbox, or on front porch can soften. If you’re shipping during the summer, consider offering faster shipping options or signing up for a service that sends customers a text or email alert when their package deliver.

Bar Soap Package Varieties

Soaps can package in a variety of ways. Here are seven Bar Soap Package ideas that are both traditional and innovative.

Boxes with Custom Printing

Graphics and text are print directly onto custom-print soap boxes. This is one of the most expensive but also one of the most versatile types of Bar Soap Package. The design you choose for the entire box can range from simple to ornate.

Labeled plain boxes

Plain boxes, which are less expensive than custom-printed soap boxes, rely on the label to stand out. A brand’s logo, text, or artwork can include on custom-printed labels. The effect can be quite striking when layered on top of a plain paperboard or colored box.

Cutouts for Soap Boxes

A twist on the traditional soap box In both of the preceding examples, a die-cut section of the box has removing, creating a window through which to view the soap inside. The cutout shape and size can alter to create a look that is distinctive to your company.

Boxes for Holsters

Hoster boxes only cover a portion of the soap bar, allowing the top to peek through. This type of personalized soap box is ideal for soaps with vibrant colors or interesting textures.


A cardboard or paper band wraps around the middle of the soap in sleeve packaging. A design can print directly onto the sleeve, or a custom label can apply on top of a plain one.

Wrapping in plastic

Soap does not have to package in boxes. Many soaps are wrap in clear or color plastic wrap and topped with a label. The label complements the design and aids in the retention of the plastic wrapping.

Wrapping with fabric or paper

Packaging soaps in kraft paper or printed fabric is a more environmentally friendly option. These materials are reusable or recyclable, and they biodegrade quickly. Jute ties or a label apply over the top can use to secure the loose ends of this packaging.

4 Great Bar Soap Package Ideas

We love seeing how creative brands use custom soap boxes and other Bar Soap Package ideas to elevate their products. Here are four businesses that make the most of soap boxes.

SirePrinting Created

SirePrinting Made soaps’ simple, straightforward design complements their no-nonsense, back-to-nature vibe. The only thing printed on their boxes is simple, descriptive text. SirePrinting Made Bar Soap Packaging Design is available in two styles: a simple full-box style and a paper-wrapped bar tied tightly with string. Neither is fancy, but they are both boldly simplistic.

Custom Packaging Boxes

SirePrinting bath soaps are incredibly unique, wrapped up like saltwater taffy. Simple printed paper twisted at the ends creates an elegant and unique appearance.

Aromatics from SirePrinting

SirePirnitng Aromatics uses simple cardboard sleeves to convey all of the pertinent information about their fragrant bar soaps made from naturally grown botanicals. The sleeve design highlights these beautifully colored soaps to their best advantage.

Don’t Accept Ordinary Bar Soap Packages or Labels

Custom Bar Soap packages and labeling can give your products a competitive advantage and make them more appealing to customers. We can assist you with first-rate soap labels whether you’re just getting started in the soapmaking business or looking for smart, new ways to expand your existing operation. We’ve been in the custom packaging and labeling industry for many years and would be delighted to share our knowledge and answer your questions. Contact us if you need expert advice on label materials, knowledgeable feedback on your artwork, or even a sample of your printed designs!

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