The Weapon?

Agent B. Jones had been captured by the notorious terrorist named “Coronel Z” after they were catching him rummaging in the Z office, looking for information that would send the criminal to jail without probation. Two of the Colonel’s offices entered and took knives. Jones fought against the two thugs of man, but after fifteen minutes of the karate action, they tied him hand and foot and forced him to sit in an old and uncomfortable wooden chair.

The “Colonel” or “Z” entered the room to interrogate agent Jones. After Jones declared the fifth amendment about all the terrorist’s questions, Z looked at his thugs and said: “You know where to take it, the ‘basement'”. Turn it to the ‘bomb’! “

The two men looked at each other simultaneously with very open eyes. Agent Jones was just a little surprised. One of them said anxiously: “But boss, do you know what that could mean?”

“In fact, I know what that could mean, but that result depends on Mr. Jones here. He challenges him and dragging him to the next room, so he can meet the ‘destroyer engine’ and address it.”

Even Jones had heard of the “Destruction Motor” of Colonel Z. Z told Jones: “I want you to see how the ‘engine’ works.” Jones simply smiled and looked at Z, who stunned him, knocking down. “Don’t make that face again.”

The colonel told his thugs to disapprove the hatch that covered the cylindrical weapon three feet high. Once open, Z ignited many gadgets that made the machine work. He told Jones that once he went on, he could not turn off. Then, he put his hands on the big timer and placed it in “30 minutes.”

“It has exactly 30 minutes to make a decision. Once I press the timer, its decision is to cut a series of 4 cables that establishes all criminals in prisons throughout the country, or if you do not cut the four cables, a Mortal gas will leave the vents above you, and you will die. Personally, I prefer to see you living and cutting the chords to be able to see many old friends and renew our acquaintances. But the choice depends on you, Mr. Jones. “

The colonel took out a device and pushed the timer. Then he gives a couple of scissors to Jones, which he puts in his left hand. The colonel conjured an evil laugh when he and his cronies left the basement.

“Take the right choice, Mr. Jones!” The colonel said as he laughed with his thugs.

When they left, Jones began examining the machine, looking at the gun for anything that could disable it. Unfortunately, he could not do heads or queues outside the complex machinery. He sweated a lot because he had to make a decision: cut the chords that released all prisoners from prisons throughout the country or keep their hands for himself and let the gas end with his life.

At the remaining 3:00 minutes, he heard a door near top and steps that approached the door of the winery. Feeling a variety of hope, Jones shouted: “Hey! I’m here!” Then he heard a couple of heavy shoes walking towards the winery, and Jones told him not to enter due to the gas he had decided that it would be his option.

The man looked at Jones with a confused look and said: “I am from the electric company. This” Colonel Z “has not paid its electricity bill in more than 6 months. So, I am going out now. The element with which I am Starting is this machine with which you are linked. “

At 10 seconds, the man tried to lift the heavy weapon, found an electric cord and took it out.