The Wrong Shortcut

Upside down for autumn light, my skin felt dry, although it led slowly. Then he was a government officer in rural publication. Dad accompanied me to work when I was free, I enjoyed the scenic beauty of the field and fresh air. We stopped for a while in a small soda post to have coffee. I often took the direction at this crossroads. Two roads diverged in the forest, took the shortest route, the least traveled to reach time. On the difficult and rough path, he led as cautiously as he could. Suddenly, he said, “Look what is ahead.” The car moved down quickly, we didn’t know what to do. We could see a barricade made with tree trunks to block the road and make it inaccessible.

Dad made a sudden turn in U to flee, but it was too late. We could see armed men a few meters away. “What an intelligent design,” he murmured. We knew we had entered the wrong area. If we moved, they would start shooting. An armed man accompanied with three more advanced to snatch the car keys. Dad had already hidden and raised both hands in surrender. The man left us from the car to the valley. While we walked around the valley, we saw the victims tied with a strong rope. A planned kidnapping for rescue was obvious at this time.

The armed man politely asked me my bag and my smartphone. He checked my shoes to make sure I had no hidden weapons there. Satisfied, he asked me to get into the vehicle that would soon come. I knew I was in serious problems. It was afraid to hear the sound of a coming vehicle. I felt numb. The vehicle stopped and we could hear a familiar voice shouting that would leave otherwise, it would be difficult to escape.

As I was the only one that was unleashed, I began to raise the slope inclined to see who it was. My heart jumped as emotion when seeing Uncle Morris, an army officer in patrol with four military armed with automatic weapons. I started walking up. The rest under cheat warned me not to walk, since I could receive a shot from behind and also cost him life. I didn’t hear them and walked forward. Dad encouraged me from behind. Fortunately there were no shots and we had a scarce scarce of the ambush.

As we were a few miles away from the ambush point, we listened to three bullets, perhaps firing in anger of a failed mission. My superiors transferred me to a different place. Although the experience was threatening but adventurous. Dad was so heroic that he didn’t know until that day. I am grateful to God without whose will nobody can touch even a single hair in your head. I appreciate the military for the daily risks they take and the sacrifices they do. My greeting towards them.

The article highlights the contrast between the serenity of a beautiful life in the field and an ambush of armed men in the middle of the thick forest. Certain incidents in life are difficult to forget, but it makes us resistant and strong. This article will inspire readers and help them realize that giving up difficult situations is not the answer. In life one has to take risks to win. Read the story to know how a terrible incident becomes good luck.