Thoughtful New Year Gifts For All The Men In Your Family

new year gift for family

With Christmas passing by, we are left with only 6 days to step into the new year. As the new year is approaching day by day- all of us are working up with the preparations for the new year eve party. From getting that perfect new year cake to champagne bottles and party poppers- all has to be taken care of. 

Amidst all thai how can we miss out on the new year gifts for our family members? Exchanging gifts on the new year eve is a lovely gesture that indicates love and gratitude for the recipient. 

We have composed a long list of – all the men in your family. Read on!

Haircare Grooming Products

Men hardly pay attention to their hair, which is why male balding is such a common thing. They can manage to go to a dermatologist. Use innumerable shampoo bottles, but when it comes to actually taking care of their hair. They love to take the backseat and watch each hair strand fly off their scalp. Instead of opting for the traditional and conventional new year’s gifts, try opting for something thoughtful and useful. Opt for a good hair care product as a new year gift according to their hair care requirement! Like- itchy scalp, dandruff etc. Surprise your man with a hamper of hair care grooming products. 


An elegant vintage watch works like an icing on the cake for every and any ensemble attire. Watches have, for a long time, been one of the best and safest gifting options for men. Certain people love collecting watches, and if your brother falls into the same category, then there’s no point in brain jamming over what to buy and what not to buy for him. You can check out for good options both online and offline or you can go ahead for an authorized store too. Get a branded vintage watch for your brother as  a new year gift and add an elegant piece to his collection. 


For the bookworm in your family- there can be nothing as amusing and interesting as getting a set of books for free. This new year’s gift option is for your little cousin, who loves to read. For him- the world revolves around the periphery of inked pages. This new year gift him a set of books authored by his favorite author and added more stories to his fantasy land. You can even get a yearly subscription for books or surprise him with 12 books set for a year. 

Bartending Essentials

Who is that one person in your family who loves to host parties? Nobody can’t miss from his target of getting a drink? If you are that permanent member on the guest list then we bet it’s your darling brother in law. Classy bar essentials should be flaunted in front of all the guests. This new year try to give bartending essentials like- ice bucket, muddler, a set of shot glasses, mixing glasses, jiggers etc. We bet your brother- in- law will love this new year gift and will always think about you while making a drink for his guest. 

Classy Ties

Nothing can make a man look great than a classy tie in a professional look. Ties and cufflinks are one of the most sought after gifts for men. That is a common gift as birthday gifts too. If coats and tuxedos are the go to attires for every every function and party for your father, then what could be a better gift other than a tie. Get a set of beautifully printed ties for your father as a new year gift for him. There are multiple brands and big names in the textile industry- you can also look for a smart tie both online and offline. You might even get offers and discounts on various shopping apps too. 

Running Shoes

We gain a few inches around our waist during the festive season because nothing feels like too  much when it comes to consuming mithais and snacks. Coming back in shape for the new year eve party becomes a herculean task. We start cutting down on our sugar and carbs consumption. Start doing yoga asanas and even hit the gym in the morning. Gifting a pair of good quality running shoes and helping them come in shape. If they are making a resolution regarding improving their health? then your gift can become a part of their everyday routine. Surprise your men with a pair of running shoes as new year gift for husband! and be a part of his fitness journey. Anyway, every woman wants her man to be fit. Only a healthy person can enjoy all the pleasures of life. Staying healthy is also an important part of life. Explore more events gift ideas here.