Tips for Burning More Calories While Hiking

You’re out for a hike and enjoying the great outdoors when you remember that you wanted to work on burning more calories. What do you do?

There are a few things to consider regarding hiking and burning calories. First, how much intensity are you putting into your hike? Second, what kind of terrain are you hiking in? And third, how long are you hiking for?

Let’s take a closer look.

How Many Calories Can You Burn While Hiking?

It depends on many factors, like how fast you’re hiking and how steep the terrain is. But on average, you can burn around 350 to 400 calories per hour while hiking.

Tips for Burning More Calories While Hiking

Are you looking to hike and torch some significant calories? Great! You can do a few things to help increase the calories you burn while hiking.

First, make sure you’re hiking at a brisk pace. It would be best if you could breathe heavily but still carry on a conversation. If you’re gasping for air, you’re going too fast.

Second, add in some hills. Uphill hiking burns more calories than downhill hiking.

Third, bring a weight vest with you. This will add an extra challenge and help burn more calories.

Fourth, wear compression pants or tights. These will help keep your muscles warm and working harder, which means you’ll burn more calories.

How to Climb Hills and Mountains

Climbing hills and mountains can be a great workout and a fantastic way to see new scenery. Here are some tips to help you burn more calories while hiking:

1. Pick a mountain or hill that’s challenging. You’ll want to pick a more challenging hike to burn more calories. Steep hills and mountains provide a more strenuous workout than flat routes.

2. Take your time. Hiking at a slower pace will help you burn more calories. Take plenty of breaks to drink water and enjoy the view.

3. Use trekking poles. Trekking poles can help you burn up to 20% more calories, as they require more energy than simply walking without them.

4. Wear a weighted backpack. Wearing a weighted backpack will increase the calories you burn while hiking. The added weight will also help tone your muscles.

FAQs About Hiking and Burning Calories

Now that we’ve gone over some of the basics of how many calories you can burn while hiking, let’s answer some common questions that people have about this topic.

Q: Do different types of hikes burn more calories?

A: All hikes will burn calories, but some will burn more than others. If you’re looking to up your calorie-burning game, try adding some inclines and declines to your hike. A steeper terrain will make your heart work harder and burn more calories.

Q: Does the speed at which you hike matter?

A: Absolutely! The faster you hike, the more calories you’ll burn. But be careful not to push yourself too hard “you don’t want to get injured. Find a pace that’s comfortable for you and stick with it.

Q: What should I eat before and after a hike?

A: It’s important to fuel your body before and after a hike, especially if you want to burn calories. Before you head out, make sure to eat a healthy snack or meal that will give you sustained energy. And after your hike, refuel with a protein-rich snack or meal to help your muscles recover.


Here are a few tricks to help you burn more calories while hiking:

– Take shorter steps: This may seem like an odd tip, but it makes sense. If you take faster steps, you’ll have to take more steps to cover the same distance, which means you’ll burn more calories.

– Carry a backpack: This one is self-explanatory” the more weight you carry, the more calories you’ll burn. So, if you want to up the ante, pack a backpack with some extra weight.

– hike uphill: This one is also pretty obvious” hiking uphill will make your heart work harder and help you burn more calories. So, if you’re looking for a workout, try walking uphill.

– hike in the sand: This may not be an option for everyone, but if you have access to a beach or dunes, hiking in the sand will give you a great workout. The sand provides resistance, which means your muscles will have to work harder, and you’ll burn more calories.


You might be surprised to learn that the average person can burn anywhere from 400 to 600 calories per hour while hiking. And that number goes up if you carry a backpack full of gear.

Of course, the number of calories you burn while hiking depends on a few factors, like your weight, the intensity of your hike, and the terrain you’re hiking on. But you can do a few things to up that calorie burn.

First, try hiking uphill. This will obviously make your hike more intense but also help you burn more calories. And if you want to get your heart rate up, try adding some sprints to your walk.

Finally, try carrying a backpack full of gear. This will make your hike more challenging and help tone your muscles, but it will also make you burn more calories. So next time you hit the trail, remember to pack your gear!


The bottom line is that hiking can be a great way to burn calories, but you can do a few things to boost your calorie burn. First, try to hike uphill as much as possible. Second, hand warmers carry a backpack with gear to make your hike more challenging. And finally, take breaks often to keep your heart rate up. By following these tips, you can hike to better health and fitness.