Top 5 Tips for Marketing Your Brand on TikTok

Steps to Make Your Mobile App Idea Into Reality

The TikTok app’s popularity has grown significantly since its debut. The picture and video software received the most downloads globally in October 2018 from the Apple store. The program’s statistics will undoubtedly blow your head. It is said to have more than 800 million active users, with the US being where it has been downloaded the most—nearly 100 million times. With so many kids using this platform, it can propel Taylor Swift’s songs, merchandise, and advertising campaigns. However, since it differs significantly from traditional advertising, as well as maybe, for this reason, it has baffled many manufacturers who are confused about how to make use of the system to increase profits and visibility.

Entrepreneurs must look beyond the box while strategizing, just like on TikTok. While certain states remain unsure about TikTok, its predecessor had an about 70% female user base. The top 5 suggestions for TikTok brand promotion are shown below.

Native movie

Using in-feed, which TikTok was recently seen silently experimenting with the program, is another option to use commercials in TikTok. A “Sponsored” video from the cycling retailer Specialized appeared in the primary feed of the program’s USA edition, along with a depressing “Learn More” button that directs viewers to touch to learn more.

This button could be altered to direct viewers to the advertiser’s website or another website. However, it also launched the Specialized Bikes (@specializedbikes) profile page within the TikTok app for the time being. The music after the video has been labeled as “Promoted Music.”

Influencer Marketing

Since the program’s introduction, many firms and creative TikTok users have arisen, making influencer marketing the perfect fit for the platform. Some sizable firms have started experimenting with influencer campaigns related to the program.

The ideal influencers can change sponsored material in a way that still resonates with the audience. However, as they are new, avoid attempting to change their tone or the sequence in which they deliver your content. Their followers love their content because it is honest, and they are influencers for a reason. This is true for numerous social media sites, but it is particularly true for TikTok since Generation Z users are likely to embrace any material that has been staged.

Calvin Klein, which withdrew from runway fashion in 2018 to rebrand and increase its client base among young people, is one company that succeeded admirably with its influencer advertising campaign on TikTok. It quickly rose to the top of TikTok’s most successful advertising campaigns.

On TikTok, influencer marketing is still relatively new and much more cost-effective to pull than in other programs. The perfect expansion hacker can create a method that will provide you with a significant return on investment because the area still needs to be congested.

Keep Your Eye On Trends

Keep an eye on TikTok trends, especially given how frequently they change. They could alter almost every day. It’s essential to be informed about what people want to learn more about. If you are utilizing influencers, you should expect them to know which trends to follow and which not to because that is how they have become so successful. Celebrities on TikTok, in particular, are very knowledgeable about the hottest trends to follow, which might assist your goods in receiving the most exposure and attracting more potential consumers to a store. Stay calm if you missed a trend since it just lasted one day. The one after that is improving.

TikTok will immediately take you to the main page when you launch it. The newest hot movies by well-known TikTokers may be found there. To start, you can go along with everyone. As soon as you log in, stuff is displayed to you. As you follow more people, their articles will also appear on your homepage as you start to track more users. In addition to the homepage, most web pages let you search for hashtags and users and display a few of the currently popular challenges and hashtags.


In addition to the previously mentioned features, TikTok may be using a 2D Snapchat-style lens effect to capture images, according to a leaked presentation deck published by Digiday. This might present some fascinating chances for advertising at the store.

User-Generated Articles

Any TikTok marketing plan should be built on user interaction and user-generated content. It makes perfect sense to send this to an advertisement because the program’s success is based on the content created by its users. Haidilao added a “DIY” option to its menu, allowing customers to use the ingredients listed on the restaurant’s menu to make their own unique, off-menu meal. When customers requested the DIY option, they were urged to record a quick video of themselves preparing their food and share it with Douyin (the Chinese variant of TikTok).

The initiative was a resounding success. At one of those chain restaurants, more than 15,000 customers requested the DIY option. Additionally, more than 2,000 movies have been posted on TikTok, garnering more than 50 million views for the platform. Finding entertaining and original ways to get users to create content for your business or participate in branded campaigns is the key to achieving marketing success with UGC on TikTok. If you want to encourage people to create articles, you might even award a prize or incentive for the best movie. It’s an excellent method to inspire people to create content if you can offer the TikTok founders something special.

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