Top 5 Tools That Lend You a Hand with Assignment

Top 5 Tools That Lend You a Hand with Assignment

Assignment continues to strike fear in the hearts of students through the ages. Be it cramming for elaborate essays or last-minute revisions before turning in assignment assignments, it is not a piece of cake for all. While the like MyAssignmentHelp these days provide expert assignment solutions, there are ways more than one to tackle assignment woes with ease.

Those living in the digital age have an extra edge over assignments these days. From tools to flashcards to the ones that check for plagiarism, digital resources online can help you in a jiffy.

You may come across a plethora of websites while looking for online help. Do not forget to check out the writing website service reviews before you trust the companies with your paper. At times, students fall prey to frauds and scams and end up submitting a plagiarised paper. You don’t want that, do you? Here is a list of top 5 websites recommended by students throughout the world that can help you with your assignment easily.

If writing service website reviews are anything to go by, then here are-

The top 5 tools for getting ahead with your assignment assignments


This fantastic tool has multi-faceted functionality. It can check for plagiarism in your assignment in under a minute. It can also help you with citations and references. Additionally, it is also an archive of scholarly papers that serve as a reference text for assignment assignments.

The next time that you are confused over critical assignment assignments, give these 5 assignment tools a try. These will not only help you save time over assignment problems, but will also ensure that you score more than ever. Turn in those assignment assignments with confidence; go the digital way.  

According to students, has the cheapest service packages for students. Students have also claimed that the writers of this company are experienced enough to deliver a high quality paper on time. One of the managers at said “Our main motive is to reduce the academic pressure off of students. Thus, we have designed the cheapest price plans for our clients.”

2. Cram

Creating flashcards was never this fun before Cram. From customised flashcards specially catered to your study needs to stock flashcards for the lazy ones, Cram has it all. Create, store, and learn from the flashcards to make studying an easy breeze with Cram.

3. Popplet

For those struggling with matters such as critical thinking, Popplet is a must-have. It represents crucial pieces of information as mind maps and images. This helps students process information faster and helps in increased retention of information.

4. Dragon Dictation

Tired of typing out assignments by hand? Get Dragon dictation and speak out your assignment. This speech-to-text tool helps you get ahead on your pending assignments with ease.

5. Gutenberg

Your best friend when it comes to tricky book reports, Gutenberg is a haven of e-books on various disciplines and specialisations that you can download for free. Get onboard Gutenberg to take care of all assignment hassles at the blink of an eye.

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