Top disposable razors

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The best option is Wilkinson Sword Extra 2 Sensitive.

Each of us has had to use disposable shaving machines at least once. Some people use them in emergencies, while  others use them all the time. Even if the issue of removing vegetation is not urgent for you, for quality hygiene it is important which device to choose.

Disposable razors have their advantages and disadvantages, and some of the advantages include:

  • reasonable prices – on average 45-150 rubles per piece;
  • accessibility – packaging of disposable machines can be purchased in convenience stores or ordered on the marketplace;
  • convenience – often nothing else is needed except the shaving machine itself;
  • compactness and lightness – such a device can be taken on the road, on a business trip or just for a visit, it will not take up much space;
  • This is also an excellent option for beginners – “disposable exercises” are the least dangerous and do not require special skills.

Now about the disadvantages:

  • due to its lightness, you have to press harder on the machine, which can lead to scratches and cuts on the skin;
  • the rigid design does not allow the blade to adapt to the curves of the face, and this leads to unshaven areas and ingrown hairs;
  • Changing machines frequently is not environmentally friendly, and razors also tend to run out at the most inopportune moment.

Team criteria

To choose a disposable razor that will perform its functions and will not cause harm to health, it is worth considering the following.

Number of blades. The more there are, the higher the quality of shaving. Multiple blades allow for fewer movements, less irritation and a faster process. Therefore, I did not consider machines with one blade. The optimal option is three blades: the result of two is not very impressive, and if there are more, the price of the machine increases sharply.

Blade material and coating. The blades are steel, but the steel can be martensitic stainless steel, or it can be medical grade. Medical steel is more expensive, it does not have micropores and cracks. Blades made of medical steel last longer and cause less damage to the skin. In addition, manufacturers often apply special chromium-based coatings to the edges of blades to keep them sharp. Any additional protection increases the life of the machine, but composite materials do it better.

Ability to adapt to difficult terrain. The quality of shaving difficult areas, such as the chin, depends on the ability of the blades to bend and the angle of the head. The capabilities of disposable razors, of course, are not as wide as those of reusable ones, but even they help make the shave cleaner.

However, it is worth considering that using a razor with a floating head requires skill – when and with what force you need to press the machine to change direction. Therefore, as your first razor, it is better to choose a classic version with a fixed head to reduce the likelihood of cuts to a minimum.

Easy to care for. In order for the machine to be easily washed, it is important to consider the type of shaving unit, the distance between the blades and the presence of a special cleaning system. A poorly washed machine becomes dull faster. Bacteria also multiply in it, which, if they come into contact with the skin, can cause serious inflammation.

The shaving unit can be open or closed:

  • an open block is easier to clean from hairs and skin particles;
  • if the block is closed, but the blades are located quite widely, then the razor is less likely to clog and it is easy to clean;
  • Some machines have a Push & Clean function: there is a button on top of the blades that lifts them – a stream of water will quickly wash away all excess.

Handle material. As a rule, the handle is made of  the same plastic as the head, but even here there are nuances. The presence of relief is a mandatory parameter; in my selection, the handle of each razor has a carving. And if the handle has a rubberized insert, the machine is more comfortable to hold in your hand, and even soapy fingers will not slip on it. This will reduce the risk of accidental cuts.

Individual characteristics. When choosing a machine, you should take into account your skin type – normal, dry, oily or sensitive – as well as your hair type – normal, coarse, thick. If you have oily or problematic skin, or your hair grows coarse or thick, then, unfortunately, you cannot do it with just a razor; you will need additional care products.

In conditions of severe minimalism, the razor should have a moisturizing strip to minimize microtrauma. The strip can also be used as an indicator: if it has worn off, it’s time to change the razor. I did not consider machines without such an option. It’s a good idea if the razor has a micro-comb that lifts hairs before shaving: this is especially important if they are prone to ingrown hairs. A rubber comb does its job best.

Number of machines in the package. Having choice is always a plus. Therefore, in the rating, a model will receive more points, purchasing which you can decide whether to buy one machine or buy for future use.

Price for one. Here, of course, everyone decides for themselves. For some it is important to fit into the budget, while  others are ready to spend money. I looked at disposable razors costing 40-60 rubles per razor and several more expensive models costing up to 250 rubles.