Truth, Honesty And Consequences

However, without cost or free, it may seem nothing, especially when it is announced as such: everything has a cost in cause and effect. That said, this article begins. In life and existence, especially one properly lived and “played”, a good effort is always required. After all, you can still have all the “good breaks”, “good luck” and good fortune for you, then you still disorder if a bad effort is made or gratitude before and the receipt is not practiced.

We all have to be honest with ourselves to succeed genuinely. That is what makes success so really weird in life and existence, dishonesty for most always seems easier until the consequences of such arise. In fact, dishonesty, falsehood with yourself and drift are the genuine demons of existence beyond the conscious demons, demons or evil. In fact, that is where I can say honestly that all bad and destruction begin, with the need for ease, cut cuts and fiddly drift with the flow instead of taking a position and going so it is really worth existing .

So what do I think is worth it? The good and great truth, honesty and consequences are actually worth it, everything else is not worth it, although many people become person is. Do not fool themselves if they are cheating, tell them to look in the mirror honestly and tell me “I won this, I did this” with full power behind him. It will never work. That is the reality that cattle is better than deceived or given.

We all want to win honestly. However, most, when they see that the non -free discouraging effort is formed with less than a totally pure and honest victory. Nothing worthwhile is free. Remember that statement and you will really be right.

Not all traps are not reduced to the escape effort and “successfully” are deceived to think that he won it? That will never really happen. On the other hand, winning begins with the honest effort of genuinely admit reality, instead of wanting to “successfully deceive reality.” Paradise effortlessly is not just the dream of the mystical, it is the dream of the genuine idiot if it is practiced conscious and completely because anything that is worth it requires effort and any good consequence must be created, captured and paid with a genuine spiritual currency and productive effort, not given, deceived or relieved.

My name is Joshua Clayton, I am an independent writer based in Inglewood, California. I also write under a few names and aka, but Joshua Clayton is my real name, and I write for the most part now. I am a philosophical writer and objective target and maker of honest actions. I also work in a center for older people in Gardena, California, such as my daily work, among other things, but mainly I am a writer.