Use of email marketing to increase event attendance

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What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing uses personalized emails to educate and inform the email list about products, services and latest updates. It sends commercial messages to a group of people using email strategy. It is a type of direct marketing with the customers. The main aim for any type of marketing is to generate maximum ROI. And through email marketing you can convince your email list to take action like making a purchase, booking a demo, signing up for a trial or registering for an event.

In earlier days one particular email was send to a complete mailing list but the strategy now has evolved and now we focus on consent and of the emails. We ask the customers at the trade fair if they would like to receive personalized emails from us sharing information about the new products, services or latest updates. Only upon the consent of the customer personalized emails are sent respecting their time and wish. A well-designed email not only drives sales but also helps to build a strong community around the brand. Email marketing helps to build trust, loyalty and brand awareness. It helps to stay in touch with the existing customers and to build relationship with the new contacts.

In the modern days emails are widely used thing. People tend to check their emails daily and sometimes more than once in a day. So, using email marketing is one of the best possible way to reach out to your connections.

Types of Emails in Email Marketing

If you wish to create the best marketing campaign for your company then you need to be picky about which type of email will best suit your information. There are many different types of emails used in email marketing.

Newsletter emails

The most popular form of email in email marketing is newsletter emails where you can highlight important points about your brand. This can also include a blog, article or customer review to emphasize on certain important facts about your company.

Welcome emails

These emails are generally used to attract new customers to your product or service. This email welcomes the customers and gives some information regarding your company simultaneously offering a trial or other bonus.

Confirmation emails

People who sign up for promotional emails or newsletters receive a confirmation email. Confirmation email is also received when someone makes a purchase online to inform that their payment was successful and purchase has been made.

Lead nurturing emails

This type of email targets a specific audience which has shown some positive interest at the meeting on the event and can be converted to a lead. These emails focus on offering additional information or relevant promotions. The goal of these emails are to push users from consideration stage to purchasing stage.

Survey emails

If you are conducting a survey for your brand or collecting feedback regarding your event or services then you send survey emails.

Promotional emails

The emails sent across to inform about the promotional offers and to spread awareness about new services then you send Promotional emails.

Dedicated emails

If you wish to include only specific people in your email criteria like new members, inactive clients or recent purchases then you send dedicated emails to them.

Invitation emails

When there is some announcement to be made regarding an upcoming event or some invitation is to be sent to be a part of something you would be conducting then you send invitation emails.

Seasonal marketing emails

Many companies offer sales during the festival season or special occasions. These emails include the information regarding the discount during the holiday season or special occasion.

Benefits of email marketing

An email will stay in the inbox until some action is taken over it. It pushes the reader to go through it once and take some action giving you an opportunity to remain fresh in their memory.

Email marketing can help to build relationships with existing and new customers.

You have a choice to target your audience based on their location or interest or can even drive traffic to your blog through email marketing.

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