Watch Your Kids

It is the first day back to school from summer holidays. In a grammar school class, Mrs. Fay is teaching her students using computers. She instructs all her third grade students to write a website on their computers in front of them.

“Now class, we will cover the addition using the website on which it should be on If so, click on the” Basic Mathematics “button and will go to a blank screen.” When you have finished with each one, highlight the answers one at a time, and I want you to click exactly what I tell you, holding the right side of your mouse and click “Copy”. Then I want you to go to a new blank screen and click on the left side and choose “Paste”. Then I should see the answer. “She writes some addition problems and asks her students to solve them on the screen. Set me if someone had any problem. They spend the rest of the session solving addition problems.

When they have five more minutes until the bell rings for the next class, Mrs. Lynn gives them a big problem to solve the task and write it and the website on the board: 9950 + 8001 + 5400 + 2345 + 1980 =? . Use “copy” and then “paste” my email address: “Efay at”

The bell sounds and most students are still copying it. “Now, do not be late for your next class. Oh, I forgot! Send your answers to my email. She writes it on the board, but writes” eBay “, no” Efay “

Jenny Smith is one of her students who took to write her homework. Mrs. Fay asks if she wrote everything, and the girl nods.—pass-exam-with-guarantee-2022-637f0c60b7e21347594974e4—shortcut-to-success-2022-637f0e115bb9f2848e3f7014

That afternoon, after the school has finished the day, Jenny asks her mother if she could borrow her laptop because she had the task to do. Then, Jenny sits at a table where her mother’s computer is and follows the teacher’s instructions, adding the numbers: 9950 + 8001 + 5400 + 2345 + 1980. Click on the “Add” button and get “27,676”. Then copy it with your mouse. When clicking on the Delete button and write “EBAY”. As soon as he gets there, he forgets his teacher’s email and goes to Ebay sailing through the fine jewels that he auctions in his mother’s account. She is captivated by about 24 24 carat gold rings. She sees several who are about to finish. She finds “place” buttons in five of them and pasta, “27,676” in the text boxes.

As the timers run out, she receives five messages that read “You have won!” Jenny is so excited that she runs and tells her mother what she just did. His mother’s eyes grow and ask: “What did you do?”

“I bought five rings for you from you! Isn’t it great?” … “Mom? … Mom?”