What are the top 5 advantages of being a journalist? 2023

What are the top 5 advantages of being a journalist?

The media industry is a fast-paced and exciting professional platform. One such profession in the media industry is journalism. A career in journalism does not end up with covering news but it helps you to acquire a lot of unknown information, travel to different places and share your ideas. On the other hand, when it comes to the responsibilities of a journalist it can be both advantaged and disadvantaged. There are various types of journalists based on the niches. The responsibilities of a journalist depend on the role they are in. The common objective of every journalist is to gather information from reliable sources and present it to the public. If you are someone who considers journalism as a career, you can take career guidance from experts of assignment help. These experts are highly experienced, as they deal with every type of student. Having their access will also provide you with the best and the most reliable information. You can connect with their service from anywhere at any time.

 Expands creativity

Being a journalist, you can outspeak your thoughts creatively. You can not only work for newspapers or television but any niche you are interested in. Magazines, online websites, and blog sites are good options for journalists to share their ideas and thoughts. Since the media industry is an open platform for new stories, you can come up with yours and share them with the public. Your viewpoints as a journalist always matter to raise awareness among the public.

Being interesting

The public always waits for news that excites and interests them. They love to know about facts and truths and the way you make them interesting. Your role can concern writing about public figures, politics, events and entertainment, etc. While giving interesting stories to the public, your job role also becomes an exciting one where you get opportunities for free travel, access to exclusive events, meet new people and much more.

Valuable job role

Journalists are the communicators and the informers who are responsible for letting the public know about the happenings around the world. Since without the journalist, the public can’t know what is happening around them, it is considered to be the most valuable job. For example, it is only possible through a journalist to know if any terror attacks take place in Afghanistan. You can also report on developing stories, put your opinions on certain issues, or expose injustice.ai-store-pal- ai-store-pal-review trafficzion-cloud-ai-review trafficzion-cloud-ai trafficzion-cloud-ai-review

Work environment

Although some journalists have to work from the field, there are also options to work from the office or remotely. This allows you to work in an exciting and fast-paced environment along with other professionals. You can also work with another journalist who has a similar taste to yours.

In addition to this, if you are an aspiring journalist, you can get a degree in journalism which will help you to get job offers easily. While doing your course you may need a good number of study materials to learn about journalism more extensively. However, if you get help from Assignment Help USA, they will provide you with an ample number of resources. You can not only take the benefit of studying reliable materials but also ask them to write the assignments allotted in your course.

Disadvantages of being a journalist

Being a journalist is not always easy and fruitful, sometimes there are also disadvantages of the role. Here are some of the cons of being a journalist- ai-store-pal- ai-store-pal-review trafficzion-cloud-ai-review trafficzion-cloud-ai trafficzion-cloud-ai-review


While a journalist is someone who always works on facts, truth and unbiased, there will be situations where you have to report the dark side of the stories. This can be dangerous for you since you may receive threats and warnings very often. Field journalists also have to visit areas that are restricted or travel during the night hours. There will be uncompromising situations for you to visit violent areas or travel alone. So if you decide to become a journalist you must be prepared to face all kinds of situations.


Like every other industry, the media industry also have many professionals working under it with similar or different tastes. That is why it can be a competitive field to find the right opportunity. Your ideas matter the most when it comes to presenting a news story making it different from your competitor. You should immediately start looking for freelancing or internships soon after completing your course in journalism. This will help you to gain more experience and develop your skills in the field. The more you work with different media organizations, the higher the connections you can make. Because the competition in the industry is strong, you need to keep track of the current trends and try to publish your ideas.


Another disadvantage of being a journalist is that, your job can be demanding. The most common demand that you can face very often is the strict deadlines on the pieces. Your seniors will always ask for a complete story at a quick time. Sometimes you may feel pressured in such situations. So, you need to work on your patience and try to manage your time skills.

What are the common duties faced by a journalist?

The work of a journalist is expected to be very active and enthusiastic at the same time. As a television journalist sometimes, you may have to work in front of the camera or sometimes behind it. On the positive side, this helps you to gain multiple skills at a time. Some responsibilities of a journalist are mentioned below.

  • You need to stay informed about the current happenings both locally and globally.
  • You will be collecting information from reliable sources.
  • A primary duty is to write copy for news stories.
  • Your organization will expect you to come up with new story topics.
  • Also, you will have to share the objective of your news coverage.
  • Another responsibility is to review the user feedback. This will not only help your organization to improve but you can also identify your pros and cons.

To sum up, Journalism is one of the reputed professions from every perspective. Being a journalist is not at all an easy job. But if you are good at writing, reporting, interviewing, anchoring, or consider journalism to be your dream job the role can be an exciting one for you.