What is PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) Testing for Covid19?

People become anxious about how they will determine who is affected by COVID-19 when it occurs. However, we should be grateful to the medical professionals for developing three efficient methods of determining whether we have SARS-CoV-2 that causes COVID-19. Antigens, saliva, and PCR testing are those three methods of testing. Moreover, among these tests, PCR testing is the most reliable one because it can detect the virus before you become infectious to other people. Plus, its accuracy rate is higher than others.

If you are considering getting a covid test, then go for PCR testing in Dubai by Call Doctor; read the following part to learn more about PCR.

How does PCR Test Work?

In a , the ribonucleic sample is taken with the latest lab technology for amplification. The amplification process helps to make the minute traces of COVID-19 visible in the test sample. Additionally, the PCR test can find the virus in your body even if it is only present in minimal amounts.

Moreover, remember that the PCR test doesn’t change your DNA in any way, and your test provider can only use your DNA to know whether you are positive for COVID-19.

How Long does the PCR Result Take?

You will receive the result within a few hours after testing. But sometimes, when the sample reaches the laboratory late, the results may take 2-3 days.

Important things to know before getting PCR.

Even though PCR testing in Dubai is a preferred method, there are still two problems that you need to know. One is that you cannot perform PCR tests at home; they must be carried out by a healthcare professional. Plus, the results of PCR will take time; you need to wait a few days to know if you’re positive or negative.

Plus, Points of PCR test at Home

  1. High sensitivity than culture and staining.
  2. Test antimicrobial resistance.
  3. Performed quickly within 4-8 hours.
  4. Cost-effective.
  5. Accurate results.

When should I take a PCR Test?  

The symptoms of COVID-19 that compel you to have a PCR test are: 

  1. Mild fever.
  2. Cough.  
  3. Difficulty in breathing.  
  4. Tiredness.  
  5. Body or muscle aches.  
  6. Headaches.  
  7. Loss of sense of smell and taste.  
  8. Painful throat.   
  9. Runny nose.  
  10. Feeling tired.
  11. Vomiting.  
  12. Or diarrhea.  

This list has some common symptoms. So, if you have any of the above symptoms, contact your healthcare provider for a home pcr test Dubai.

Other options for Covid-19 test in Dubai.

Saliva Tests

The Coronavirus saliva test is a new type of PCR diagnostic for COVID-19. Saliva testing depends on some standard PCR technology. The advantage is that collecting spit is less painful than a nose or throat swab. Moreover, this test can be done quickly at home without professional medical assistance.

Antigen Tests

The antigen test is also called a rapid test. Antigen tests usually require a nose or throat swab, like PCR tests. It doesn’t look for genetic material from the SARS-CoV-2 virus but for proteins that reside on the virus’ surface. Moreover, the result comes in only 15 minutes, and it is not a labor-intensive test because you can do it at home by following proper instructions.

Don’t Forget to Test your Symptoms.

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