Where I Am Coming From

It could be simple, and it could be complicated, but I come from an objective, sandy, sweaty and realistic point of view that works genuinely and finally. I don’t care if I fail temporarily, what matters are the final successes. In fact, in fact, winning the “immediate boat” of looking good in the eyes of others, it doesn’t matter, I want general success in my own eyes genuinely. That is really everything. When I think of success and failure, I think it a little different from what most people, I understand: success is general winner, however, a lot of temporary failures can come. The real failure is to give up my ideal permanently without changing my approach genuinely at crucial moments in a closed way that is really weak. Because, in fact, all failure is temporary when observed correctly, and all success is success when it really recognizes.

Failure is simply training and temporary, success is repeatable when it is genuine and is not based on luck or “good fortune in the first attempt.”

Each article that I use Mark Spitz’s appointment “We all love to win, but who loves to train”, this is where I come uniformly. Not to preach or anything, but this is how I live, I consider that real success is something that I can repeat genuinely, depending on luck or “good fortune in the first attempt” is the most genuine failure for me. In fact, from my point of view “hitting the fat prize” works for very few due to the nature of this reality. In my opinion, true success comes with the ability won and is repeatable.

We All Love Success, But do We Have The Patience to Make It Repeatable and Real Without Cheating, Short Cuts, and Weak “Bunny Hopping Through the Pea Patch” As The Great Los Angeles Lakers National Basketball Association Announuncer Francis Dayle “Chick” Hearn Put It’s about making bad fouls in basketball and Lucky jump shots that did it with a “stuttering step” or a despair launch that surpassed the referees of the basketball game. After all, what is greater than genuinely developed skill and perfection without cheating? Any. Nothing else looks better when success, real success occurs.

When you live life well, I know what is beyond heaven: real success and the satisfaction of a well -lived and persevered life, not a sky where harps are played and we get a “pat in the back” of Santo Pedro. Agumo an approach from John Milton for everything, is done within our souls and minds first or is not done at all.


My name is Joshua Clayton, I am an independent writer based in Inglewood, California. I also write under a few names and aka, but Joshua Clayton is my real name, and I write for the most part now. I am a philosophical writer and objective target and maker of honest actions. I also work in a center for older people in Gardena, California, such as my daily work, among other things, but mainly I am a writer.