Where Is My Right?

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“Many of them do not even realize that they are neither a girl nor a boy but a transgender until much later in life. Due to social pressure, parents do not even talk about that with their children. Even in the Schools, transgender children are intimidated. In many cases, we are also subject to harassment. But who are you talking with? Your parents think to flee from home. They live on the road. They do not have access to education. Think about it. If you have no home , neither education, nor background and belongs to a genre that society does not even recognize it well, do you think you will have a good life? They stay with options such as begging and sex work. On the other hand, there are a lot of transgender children who survive who survive to harassment and torture during their childhood and manage to study but. Life is not easy just because you have education. I used to work for a couple of colleagues. In each of them, I was subjected to discrimination and insults, which leads to trauma conditions cas. How long in life can you survive fighting all this? The whole society is against him. How do you demonstrate yourself? Where is the issue of employment and education when to live a basic life with three meals a day becomes difficult? Despite several conversations, protests and representations, all bills are waiting. Either the Lok Sabha or the Rajya Sabha or some other authority that is sitting in it.

What happens with trans people is that we feel normal. It’s like we are. They are just others who say we are not normal. Trans people are the same as everyone else, our ideas in life are happy, respected, be comfortable and be the same. Is it too much to ask? “



“Gardening is a job that satisfies the soul. My plants are like my children. Even today, seven months after my miniature gardening business, I get excited when a customer removes a plant. People often laugh when I say this , but there have been times when I have cried. Lately, I try not to be close when the delivery occurs. In addition, I try to keep in touch with my clients to make sure that the plant is safe. In fact, the replant for them, in If they ” I have not been able to keep it well. I take my job quite seriously, or maybe it is the love I have for my plants!


First I explored the idea of ​​miniature gardening when I moved to an apartment. We had limited space to configure enough pots. Forget the trees! That was when I started using pebbles to decorate my balcony. Little by little, I began to read more about it and soon became a hobby. Once I discovered that my family and friends liked it, I began to give it. However, I was not interested in marketing my passion. But my sister convinced me to start a small -scale business. Seven months have passed and it is a success! To my surprise, Hyderabadis loves her vegetation. In a recent exhibition, I created a position. You may not believe me when I say this, but of the 60 miniature gardens that I created, only three of them remained without selling.

Although I receive many orders and calls, I try to keep it discreet. Gardening is my passion. In addition, it is an art that needs patience and time. It cannot force a plant to grow in a certain way or in a particular time. I take my time to understand each plant and establish it accordingly. I only deal with container plants. My favorite is Jade. It represents positive energy and that is what you need in life, right? “

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