Which Master Degree is Most Valuable in UAE

The fastest employment rate after graduation was found among those with education degrees New research from the Ministry of Education. Found that UAE employers are most interested in graduates with degrees in engineering, medical sciences, business degree, and information technology.

Over 13,000 students graduating from government and private higher education institutions were surveyed in 2017. 80 percent of the institutes across the seven emirates of the UAE were included in the study, according to a Ministry tweet. As part of its efforts to provide academic support and counseling for students preparing to pursue higher education in the UAE, the Ministry of Education has revealed the results of its “Majors in Demand” Study for 2018.

A “high” demand was found for medical sciences, while a “low” demand was found for physiotherapy. The demand for engineers in civil, mechanical, and petroleum categories was found to be “very high”.

The Demand For Graduates with Marketing Degrees:

Was also found to be “high”, compared to “average” demand for graduates with finance, accounting, and quality management degrees.

Graduates of arts and humanities courses were found to be in “low” demand, but those of international studies and applied foreign languages were slightly more in demand. A study also examined the speed at which education graduates were employed after receiving their degrees and found that they were employed “very quickly”.

After Business Administration Graduates,

IT, engineering, environmental and health sciences, arts and humanities, and medical sciences graduates saw the fastest employment rates.

There are many reasons why people pursue their graduate degrees. Their hope is that it will provide them with the skills and experience they need to advance in their field. It is also possible to enroll in a program to gain the educational expertise required to change careers or industries altogether. There are also professionals who pursue advanced degrees for financial incentives, such as a higher-paying job or a new career in a more lucrative industry.

Students may consider these financial benefits when making a decision, and with good reason. The earnings of graduates from advanced degree programs are up to 28 percent higher than those with just a bachelor’s degree, according to a recent study. Nonetheless, there are some cases (as discussed in the study) in which this is not the case. Even teachers with master’s degrees in education may earn less than engineers or architects with just bachelor’s degrees. While differences in salary between graduates with bachelor’s degrees and those with master’s degrees are not significant, it still inspires many to pursue further education.

The Hurdles For The Masters Are As Follows:

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