Why Should You Invest in Creating Your Own Packaging for Custom Apparel Boxes?

Custom Apparel Boxes

Multiple aspects go into making your purchase for shipping boxes for your go well on SirePrinting.com. Using custom packaging is essential to creating a uniform look that complements your specific brand. Shipping garments in a boring brown box or basic poly mailer won’t wow your customers.

The Following are Three Examples of Situations in Which a Clothes Company Can Benefit From Having Custom Boxes Made:

  1. As a Reflection of Your Brand, Packaging is Crucial.

Besides protecting the clothes within, the packaging is the first thing a buyer sees when their package arrives. If your Custom Apparel Boxes company is only offered online, the packaging is even more important because it is the only physical encounter with your brand that shoppers will have. As a result, your packaging design should capture the essence of your brand and serve as a platform for conveying your values.

  1. To Keep Your Clothes Safe Throughout Transport.

Loss or damage to products in transit can have a severe impact on profits. At least 10% of all online orders end up being damaged in transit. By spending money on high-quality, individualized packing, you can reduce the likelihood of your product arriving damaged. Custom boxes can be made to fit your goods snugly, so you won’t have to use any filler material. It is also possible to forestall theft in transportation by using tamper-proof tape seals.

  1. Improve the Joy of Unboxing

Due to the abundance of Custom Apparel Boxes websites, a key to success for any clothing business is finding a way to set themselves apart from the competitors. When it comes to customer retention, even the smallest of changes can make a big difference. An impressive unboxing experience can increase consumer loyalty and retention.

Many Common Types of Packaging for Clothes

There is an enormous variety of box designs available. Here are four designs to consider if you need to create a unique box for clothing.

The ASAP Mailer Collection: Our new line of tape-sealed custom boxes, the ASAP Mailer Collection, offers a practical shipping option for the apparel industry by cutting down on the need for both materials and manpower. When it comes to packing and shipping, any box designs may be put together quickly and with no effort. The box can be closed without the use of any additional adhesives or fasteners.

In addition, both the ASAP Mailer Two-Way and the ASAP Mailer Aha! Two-Way has two strips of self-sealing tape to facilitate returns for companies who use them. After initial Custom Packaging Boxes Wholesale, the first strip is utilized to seal the package, while the second strip allows for simple returns from the customer.

Easily Our Most Popular Mailer Box,

The Roll End Front Tuck (REFT) with Dust Flap is also one of the most practical. The main body is reinforced by the front flaps locking into it, while the contents are kept clean and protected by the side flaps. This design style also has great space for personalization and display.

Shoe Box: Our one-of-a-kind Shoe Box design is a convenient and effective option for fashion labels that also sell shoes. This design’s hinged top allows for an impressive display of contents and an improved unboxing experience for the buyer. There is a saving in both materials and storage space because the lid is attached.

The Regular Slotted Container (RSC) is a ubiquitous and highly adaptable box type. The RSC is a cost-effective option for transportation, storage, and other uses. Because of its low price per unit, this box shape is ideal for bulk purchases of clothing.

The RSC Auto Bottom and the RSC Snap Lock Bottom are two possible alternatives to the RSC that serve a similar purpose but provide additional features. The RSC Auto Bottom comes with a bottom that is already pre-glued, making assembly and loading times much shorter. Designed to keep your product safely within, the RSC Snap Lock Bottom has interlocking flaps that form a secure lock.

Various Boxes for Apparel:

Containers for Apparel With Flip-Top Lids

The unique flip-top design of our clothes boxes makes assembling a breeze and lends a sophisticated air to your finished product. When you flip it over, you’ll always remember the excitement of unpacking a new product.

Setup Apparel Boxes That Fold

Clothing boxes that fold up look like they were made out of stiff material because of their shallow base and short lid. Shirts and t-shirt products are frequently shipped in them.

Fixed-Configuration Garment Displays

Setup-type box design with pre-assembled tops and bottoms makes luxury rigid clothes boxes ideal for a sophisticated display. There’s plenty of room in these boxes to keep the merchandise safe throughout shipping.

Create Personalized Packaging for Your Custom Apparel Boxes.

It’s time to upgrade your clothing transport options. If you’re tired of using the same old boring shipping boxes and mailers, it’s time to step up to the next level with custom-printed boxes. Your packaging affects the brand experience, online reputation, and success in the e-commerce industry, and you just have a few seconds to make a positive first impression.

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