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After the 2013 expose that revealed the millions in which bookies trade, India lost its aversion to what was considered taboo gambling and started looking for online betting ID providers.

While nowadays, there are plenty of online betting ID providers in the market, it is practically impossible to find a hybrid model easily. Even the best online cricket ID providers offer just a mechanism to bet with a few options offering odds.

Getting expert tips with a built in mechanism to use them in a bet or to exercise odds is unheard of. TigerExch offers its users IPL betting IDs that seamlessly flow into this process.

With TigerExchange you can get over 500 varieties of Betting games. You can also bet with Cricket, Football, Horse Racing, Tennis and other virtual sports also to enjoy and win. Your online betting ID with TigerExch cricket betting you get a whole range of options that you can use to place bets in a variety of ways.

TigerExch also offers you one wallet account for all top 10 Bookie IDs of India. You also get 10% as a joining bonus.

There is a small protocol which TigerExchange follows while offering you the best user experience possible out of an online betting ID provider. At the time of withdrawal, a notice from customer support is displayed asking you to verify your betting account. This is a mandatory obligation that has to be fulfilled and your bookie ID needs to be verified to keep up with prepositioned online betting rules.


TigerExch – India’s most favourite and top Online Cricket Betting site. They are very friendly to the market in India. They also offer lots of betting options on many different sports like Football, Tennis, Horse Racing and many more.


  • Experienced and trusted bookmarker.
  • Provision to Indian Market.
  • Open Handed welcome bonus and Weekly free bets.
  • Vast deposit options.
  • Competitive Odds.
  • Mobile App that includes Live Streaming.

They are not new to the Indian market and have a niche experience of online betting for years. TigerExch is very much familiar with Indian market taste and they know India is crazy about cricket.

This paves the way for Indians’ exclusive 100% deposit bonus up to Rupees 10,000 if you are a new customer. TigerExch is one such platform which resolves all the sensitive problems of locals regarding online betting that may encounter you. They also give you the best and unique online betting ID to achieve big wins.

If you think this site is right for you, you can check them out and read them in-depth for more details.


As we all know – Time Flies. And we all have experienced this very rapidly, we all have migrated from passive, static and human centric interfaces to digital consoles. Businesses have migrated to the cloud and entertainment has shifted to the internet. Same with online betting, it has evolved from an offline to online system. For this credit goes to, this growing popularity in the betting area and to online cricket ID providers in India.

A few decades back, wagers used an offline platform to bet their favourite team or player or tournament. However, most of them lost their money due to lack of transparency, odds which were more inclined towards bookie and in most cases shuffling between various options which happened to be a limited number of landlines or mobile phones.

But the scenario has completely changed now! But as you all are aware how much things are evolved or still evolving there are always some pros and cons for the same situation. So, whether you are a betting rookie or a pro, it is strongly advised to exploit a single console and a unique ID for a myriad of betting options. There are several so-called “best betting id sites” but there are only a few that have built an impressive reputation for being honest and qualified.

But still “Who is the best ID provider in India?”

As per several forums, reviews and comments on betting sites, TigerExch seems to have an edge over the others. Here are some reasons to excel out TigerExchange as the best online betting ID provider in India.

  1. Because of its SAFETY AND SECURITY. It meets all requirements of a safe and secure platform for online betting.
  2. They have FLEXIBLE TRANSACTION FACILITY, which is the most important aspect as a wager always bet for its wages.
  3. They provide you the best GUIDANCE whether you are a beginner or a pro player. Because complexity has no period in online betting. And for the best online betting ID you need to follow some steps which lead to winning big.
  4. They do not put any kind of RESTRICTION on players in terms of withdrawal, in terms of suspension of your account, in terms of cash to be transferred and many more. They follow all legalities but not to restrictions.
  5. As they have the renowned SPORTSBOOK PARTNER OF ONLINE ID PROVIDER. This is very much important because if you don’t have a well known sportsbook provider then you are losing not only your money as well as your credibility which is so important in this domain.
  6. It has the best BETTING OPTIONS AND PRICING. As we all know the world has evolved so much as the Online world. There are plenty of betting options available now. TigerExch is one of those few cricket ID providers that offer a rainbow of betting options, fair betting odds and intuitive choices.
  7. And last but not the least, they offer the best RESPONSIVE SERVICE. Providing ID for cricket or any other sports or sporting event is not the only criteria for a trusted provider. Therefore, you can gratify your experience with TigerExchange as they provide the best responsive services.

You must not misspend your hard earned money by selecting a random site. Selecting TigerExch for your better experience in all the terms makes a huge difference.